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Oil Press FAQ


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Oil Press & Oil Mill FAQ

What is the application of the oil press? 
The oil mill can press all kinds of raw materials into oil. 
• What are the raw materials can be?

The oil press can process rapeseeds, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, sesame,




corn germ, camellia seeds, cottonseed, apricot, walnut kernel, perilla seed and so on. 




If you have other seeds and not sure if it can be press, please contact me by tiffany@asico-
 • What is the oil rate of the different raw materials respectively?
Different materials have different oil rate, even there is a big difference between them. Some of
them are as follow: 
• What kinds of oil press do you produce?
We have many kinds of it, the main kinds are screw oil press, new hydraulic oil mill, high efficiency fine
filter oil machine and fully automatic oil mill.
Does the machine include the motor? 
If you need it, we can offer it according to your special requirement. Such as 380V, 50HZ, 3Phase. 


What is the capacity of the oil press?

The scale is large, such as 4-5T/H, 5-7 T/H, 8-12 T/H, 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h and so on.
 We need the complete plant from soya bean processing to finished oil without bottling, so
please tell me can you produce 10 ton soya bean processing per day (18 hours)?

As you asked the capacity with 10t/day, we have a capacity with 8-12t/day to meet your






Can you tell me the matching refining plant including how many labors? 

As it is automatic, that one person operates it is enough.
 We will also need your installation, commissioning or worker training?
 There is no need to install, the only thing you need to do is connecting the power source and it
  How about the oil, do we need to buy a filter? 
The final material is very pure oil without any mixture. You don't have to buy oil filter as the automatic
machine includes it.
Can it only press in cold or in hot, or both of them? 
It can press not only in cold, but also in hot.


  How much oil it can press out for 100kg corn? 


As the corn contains about forty kg corn germ, and the oil rate is about forty percent, so the oil can be about three

to four kilograms in total.


How much oil left in meal after the solvent extraction? 

It is about one percent to three percent. 


What is the percentage of oil left in cake after pressing?

It is about one percent to three percent.
How long the rings will be last before replaced? 
Approximately it is 800 tones, but also depending upon the cleanliness you cleaned every time after you use it. 


 What is the delivery time of the oil press? 

The delivery time is about fifteen days after receipt of the 30 percent payment in advance. 
How much maintenance is required? 
The bearings and bushes and the adjusting block should be lubricated, and the screw and rings inspected every
week. Gearbox oil should be changed every 6 all kinds of raw materials into oil. 
Must we clean the raw materials for example rapeseed? 
Our main concern is to avoid foreign objects that would damage the press like stones or tramp metal.
However, excessive levels of straw, trash etc. will increase wear and may cause blockages.
• How much rapeseed can the presser crush in one hour?  
It is approximate 500kilogram per hour, but not sure. More detailed information, please contact us by
• How do I control the extractionrate of oil?  
Tightening the boss at the inlet end of the press increases the pressure. We recommend that the press be fitted 
with a speed controller so that the screw speed can also be adjusted- the condition of the meal is the best visual 
guide to the rate of extraction of oil. Generally if the cake is coming off in thin flakes -oil extraction is at an
• How many hours does it work daily?
Normally, it can work twenty-four hours without rest.
• If a storage silo is constructed, is a dryer need? 
It depends on the moisture level of the oil seeds. For seeds with moisture content above twelve percent, a drying
system is recommended; below this level it may not.
• Does it need seasonal labors?  
It needs more labors when you purchase oil seeds, when you needs to conveying the oil seeds during
the production, or when you need to deal with the production waste. In usual, it accords to the actual
• Are all raw materials suitable for cold press?  
No, Most of them are not suitable such as soybean, cotton seed, peanut, sesame, they must have spe-
cial processing. For more information, please visit our website: or contact
me by my email:
• How long will the principle axis be used before replacement 
Approximately 800 tones, but the oil press also depends upon the cleanliness you cleaned every time
after you use it.
Can your oil presses extrude Algae
We have not tried it before but I have heard that it can be done by using extruders like ours and the dr-
ied algae through it is better. If you want the video, you can send us the raw materials and then we can
make a video for you.
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