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Fertilizer Production Line FAQ


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Fertilizer Production Line FAQ

• Which items your Fertilizer Production Line include?
Usually, our fertilizer production line is made up mixing machine, belt conveyor, feeder macine, fertilizer granulator
machine, screening machine, packing machine. Besides, if you need other equipment such as crusher machine,
dryer machine, cooling machine and so on, we can also supply you.
• Can this fertilizer production line produce organic fertilizer? 
This fertilizer production line can produce organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer including NPK compound fertilizer.
• What is the granules diameter of output fertilizer? 
In general, our fertilizer pelletizer can make 3-30mm granules, if you want less than 3mm, we can be equipped with
different sieve sizes depending on your requirements.
• Can the fertilizer making machine can produce oval shape pellets? 
Yes, our roller fertilizer press machine can make oval shape granules, moreover, the granules are even size.
• Do you have disk granulator? 
Yes, we have two kinds of machine, one is roller fertilizer making machine, the other is drum disk granulator.
• Is your fertilizer granulator machine able to make Smooth Round Pellet
Yes, our disk granulator can make smooth round pellet, with uniform and even size.
• What are the raw materials as Nitrogen Source? 
Nitrogen fertilizer raw materials (N): urea(46.4%), ammonium sulfate(20%), monoammonium phosphate(MAP) (10%),
diammonium phosphate(DAP) (13%), ammonium chloride(25%), ammonium nitrate(31%), ammonium bicarbonate
(17%), etc.
• What are the raw materials as Phosphorus Source? 
Phosphorus raw materials (P): monoammonium phosphate(46%), diammonium phosphate ( DAP) (38%), dicalcium
phosphate, ordinary superphosphate(12%), calcium magnesium phosphate(13%), etc.

• What are the raw materials as Potassium Source? 


Potassium raw materials (K): potassium chloride(57%), potassium sulfate(45%), potash magnesium sulphate
fertilizer(21%), etc.

• What does mean "N-P2O5-K2O,16-22-7" in China for NPK compound fertilizer? 


NPK compound fertilizer containing NPK three elements. The fertilizer nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide,
potassium chloride mass fraction to represent. 16-22-7, means that nitrogen element of content is 16%, phosphorus
pentoxide is 22%, potassium chloride is 7%.  

• When produce the NPK compound fertilizer, do you have any clients to add humic acid?  


Yes, the humic acid is an ideal additive to boost the bio-activity and improve the performance of compost or composited


fertilizer. It can mprove the structure of soil; Increase the buffering power of the soil. There are some clients from us to


add some humic acid in NPK fertilizer. But usually, it is widely used in the production of organic fertilizer.
• What capacity do you have about roller fertilizer granulator?
Usually, there are three models granulators. The sepcification as follows:
Roller Diameter
Roller Length
• I want to produce organic fertilizer, what can be as raw materials? 
This production line also can manufacture organic fertilizers, the raw materials to make organic fertilizers can be:
1. Animal waste, like chicken manure, cow manure, etc.
2. Grass paste, lignite, organic sludge, straw etc biological materials.
3. Corn, beans, grass meal, etc.
4. Bean cake
• Can you give us a simple process for organic fertilizer production?
The simple process as follows:
Ferment----Upender---Mixing Machine---Conveyor----Drum Feeder Machine---Fertilizer Making Machine(main machine)
---Conveyor----Dryer ---Conveyor ----Screening Machine---Conveyor---Packing Machine


• What's the suitable moisture content of raw materials? Time of ferment?
 Raw materials ferment: Time of ferment is 12-15 days, the best moisture content is 35-40%.
• When need the upender to turn over the ferment materials?
For small capacity production line, during the process of ferment, you can manual work to reversed the mixed materials,
no need upender. When you capacity is large, you need upender to save much manual labour.
• What are the features or advantages about this fertilizer production line?
There are some advantages in this line:
1. No need dryness.  2.  Small power, reliable operation.  3. There are widely application in the raw materials.
4. Fill in the domestic blank and lead domestic level. 
• What are the fertilizer granules sizes and shapes as a general rule? 
In general, the granules diameter≥3mm. Including globular particle, irregular grain, slice flat globular products, etc.
Of course, less than 3mm, we can customize with different sieve size depending to your requiremnets.
• How many types fertilizer granulator you have?
Usually, there are three types granulators: roller granulator, disk granulator, ball shape granulator.
• Which kind of crusher machine do you have for fertilizer production?
Usually, there are three types crushers: hammer mill, cage type crusher, chain crusher, etc.
• If I want to purchase 15ton/h organic fertilizer production line, which equipment I need?

One Unit Crusher                                                         One Unit Mixing machine



Four Units Belt Conveyor                                            One Unit Feeder Macine



One Unit Screening Machine                                     One Unit Packing Machine



Four Units Fertilizer Granulator(3-4ton/h)   



• What are the common organic fertilizer?
Varieties of Natural Organic Fertilizer: green manure and night soil, animal manure, compost, wet compost, biogas
fertilizer and waste fertilizers and others.



• What are the humic acid?




Humic acid is a permanent humic substance and cannot be degraded that fast by the microorganisms of the soil.




It is an ideal additive to boost the bio-activity and improve the performance of compost or composited fertilizer. 









Widely used in food crops and cash crops, can be used for vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, nursery stock,




tobacco, oil, tea, herbs, rice, wheat, corn, cotton and other crops in the basal.






• Which equipment your organic fertilizer production line include?
Upender---Crusher---Mixer---Disk Granulator---Drying Machine---Cooling Machine---Coating Machine---Drum Sieve
---Packing Machine.
• Do you have chain crusher machine? 
Yes, we have. There are different capacity such as 1-3ton/h, 2-5ton/h, 3-8ton/h. 
• Do you have disk mixer machine? 
Yes, we have. Disk mixer is mainly used for raw material mixing. Tray lined with polypropylene or stainless steel plate,
so not easy to stick material, wear-resistant with compact structure, easy operation, mixing evenly, capacity from
• For wet material crusher machine, what is the water content of raw materials allowed ? 
In general, the water content of biological fermentation allowed to reach 25-50%. The particles size is adjustable.
• What are the features for horizontal fertilizer mixing machine? 
Horizontal mixing machine is used to over  two kinds of fertilizers to mix. Mixture is very even, residues are few.
Reanable structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintainance.
• Which capacity do you have for horizontal mixing machine? 
There are mainly three models: 3-5ton/h, 5-10ton/h, 10-15ton/h. 
High Efficiency Rotary Dryer
 1. What the rotary dryer can be used for ?
This machine can dry many kinds of materials which contain moisture, such as coal, coal slurry, slag, industrial waste,
and clay stone. They are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industry.
2. What the rotary dryer consist of?
The dryer is formed by rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring.
3. Can I use the coal or gas as the heating source?
Yes, you can use coal, gas, electricity, oil and wind power to heat the dryer machine.
4. What is the temperature of inlet of heat scale division for dryer?
Usually, inlet of heat scale division is about 150-250°C.
5. What are the advantages of this rotary dryer?
The dryer has advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption and convenient for
6. How the rotary dryer to work?
The raw material plate is arranged conveniently to allow adjustable angle positions. The material to be dried is inserted
to the rotary cylinder through the raw material plate. Hot air flows within the cylinder causing the separation of water
from the material by converting it into vapor which is discharged into the atmosphere. At this point, the materials
become dry.
• May I use your roller granulator to produce round shape NPK granules? 
Usually, the fertilizer granules produced by roller granulator is not too round with raw edge, in order to make it become
round shape with beautiful appearance, we will suggest the customer to buy another equipment--ball shaping machine
(circular machine). It is known as fertilizer granules visagiste. 
• When I make NPK fertilizer using your machine, can I add some binder-attapulgite? 
No problem, the binder-attapulgite can improve the fertilizer granules shape and easy to molding. 


• What are the trace elements?




Trace elements is rarely the content of the body of the cultures and the necessary nutrients to crop growth and normal




development, such as: boron, molybdenum, zinc, iron, manganese, steel, etc.





• What are the types of trace elements fertilizer?




There are several types of trace elements fertilizer such as(1) boron: borax, boric acid; (2) molybdenum fertilizer:




ammonium molybdate; (3) zinc fertilizer: zinc sulfate; (4) iron fertilizer: ferrisulphas; (5) manganese fertilizers:




manganese sulphate; (6) copper fertilizer: copper sulfate.




• What is the microbial fertilizer?


The microbial fertilizers are made from a variety of beneficial microorganisms in the use of the soil for agricultural

production after the separation of biological reproduction, also known as bacterial fertilizer. Such as "5406" fertilizers

antibiotic, silicate, green ring bio-fertilizer.


Drum Granulator


• What is drum granulator?

Drum granulator is one of the key equipment of compound fertilizer industry, suitable for cold and hot and high and low
concentration granulation mass production of fertilizer.  
• What are the features of drum granulator? 
The main advantage is that use wet steam for heating, increased granulation materials own temperature and reduce
the granulation water, reducing the dryer load and enhance the working efficiency.  
• Which capacity do you have for drum granulator? 


There are different capacity such as: 1-3t/h, 3-5t/h, 5-8t/h, 8-10t/h, 10-15t/h, 15-20t/h. The customers can choose
depending on their requirement.
Electric Packaging Machine 
• What are the features of this electric packing scale? 
Use of imported high-precision sensor and intelligent weighing control instrument, measurement and high accuracy.
Stable performance,large, medium and small three materials, drop automatic correction, automatic zero tracking,
overshoot detection and suppression, excess and sub-volume alarm. Simulated state of the self-test function, truly
fault self-diagnosis, easy maintenance and repair.
• What is the capacity of this electric packing scale? 
The capacity is more than 360 bags per hour. 5-50kg per bag. 
• What is weighing precision of this electric packing scale? 
The weighing precision is 0.1%. The error is very small.
• Do you have other packing machine with different packing range? 
We also have another automatic packing machine with packing range of 100g-5kg for your choosing.

• Do you have sewing machine with different packing bags? 


Yes, our packing machine is equipped with sewing machine to help you seal the bags.


• Can your packing machine can pack other materials besides fertilizer? 


Besides fertilizer, our packing machines apply to quantitative packaging of food, grains(corn, rice, wheat, soybean,


mung beans, etc), sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, chemicals, etc. The applied range is very




High Efficiency Rotary Cooling Machine 
 1. What is the effect of this cooling machine?
This rotary cooling machine can greatly improve the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and improve production
efficiency. Further removal of part of the water and reduce the granules temperature of compound fertilizers.
2. What are the features of this cooling machine?
The  Cooling machine equipment with compact structure, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance, and strong
3. Can I use the coal or gas as the heating source?
Yes, you can use coal, gas, electricity, oil and wind power to heat the machine.
4. Which models do you have for this cooling machine?
There are many models such as φ1.2*12,  φ1.5*15,  φ2*20,  φ2.2*22,  φ2.5*25,  φ2.8*28.  
5. Which capacity do you have?
There are different capacity such as 1.9-2.5t/h, 4-6t/h, 7-8t/h, 10-11.5t/h, 11-15t/h, 14-17t/h.
• If I buy your fertilizer production line, how to solve the installment problem? 
We will send the technician to your place for installment and commissioning. Usually, the buyers bear the related cost.
• I want to produce organic fertilizer with cow dung as raw material, can I need dryer? 
If  raw material is cow dung, first need fermentation, it is better to dry the finished particles, in order to be convenient to
store. So we suggest with the dryer.
• Can I produce organic fertilizer with cow dung and garbage as raw material? 
Yes, the garbage and animal dung can be as raw materials for organic fertilizer production, but it is best not the " white
pollution" garbage.
• I want to purchase NPK compound fertilizer production line, which equipment I need? 
Our New Generation non-dryness fertilizer production line is especially suitable for your needs. This line including
mixer, feeder machine, conveyor, double roller granulator, drum sieve, packing machine. 
• How long is warranty period for the machine? 
In general, the warranty period is One Year. But we will supply the spare parts of a lifetime. You can purchase spare
parts from us.
• Can I produce humic acid compound fertilizer with your fertilizer production line? 
Yes, our fertilizer production line can make humic acid compound fertilizer. But most clients from us produce the humic
acid organic fertilizer using our fertilizer production line. If you purchase our equipment, we can give you a guide for
organic  fertilizer or compound fertilizer production.
• What is the chicken manure fertilizer production process? 

Chicken manure fertilizer production process is: organic raw materials (animal waste, living garbage, deadwood




rotten leaves, abandoned strains, etc.) fermentation--half wet material crusher for grinding--add the element such




as the NPK (pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.)—mixing with




mixer—granulating machine for granulation--drying out--screening machine for screening--qualified product




packaging, not qualified to return to granulating machine for granulation. Among them, the reasonable collocation




of raw material fineness is very important for organic fertilizer production process.






 What is material quality of rollers for double roller fertilizer granulator machine? 





Usually, the material quality of rollers is carbon structural steel, manganese steel or stainless steel. The




common one is carbon structual steel. We can customize it according to the clients' requirements.  





 What is the lifespan of rollers for double roller fertilizer granulator machine? 



For double roller fertilizer granulating machine, in general, a set of rollers can manufacture 1000-1500tons




fertilizer granules. The lifespan of rollers is relevant to the raw materials and operation maintainance methods.




 What are differences between disk granulator and roller granulator? 
There are some differences between disk granulator and roller granulator.
1) The granules shape from disk granulator is round shape, uneven size. But the production line cost with disk
granulator is quite higher than roller granulator.  2) The granules shape from roller granulator is oval, not too
round with even size. But the production line cost with roller granulator is cheaper. 
 What is cage mill and its features? 

Cage Mill is a middle-sized horizontal type mill. It can crush all types of fertilizers with moisture content of less than 6%,



particularly suitable for greater hardness materials. This machine is simple and compact structure, covers small



space, easy maintenance, good crushing effect, stable functioning, easy to clean, is the scourge of an ammonium,



diammonium salt of urea hard materials.




 What is production process of automatic BB fertilizer production line? 




Automatic Continuous BB Fertilizer Production Line production process: Computer burdening—Flowmeter continuous

metering—Belt premixing—Screw remixing—Automatic Packing—Belt conveying.
 What is the disk granulator powder particle size for compound fertilizer production? 
When using disk granulating machine to make compound fertilzier, the more suitable powder particle size is 70-90


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