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Dog Food Production Line FAQ


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Dog Food Machine Production Line FAQ

• What does the dog food machine production line have?
The dog food machine production line consists of mixer, dog food machine, oil sprayer, dry oven.
• How many types of this dog food machine do you have?
We have 4 kinds of this dog food machine, with capacity of 100kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h and 500kg/h
• What'the different between 200kg/h and 300kg/h?
Compare with 200kg/h, 300kg/h has such advantages:
1. Bigger motive power;
2. Higher output and mechanization operation;
3. Can produce large particels pet food(2cm);
4. We will equiped with larger particel moulds for you besides the normal moulds.
5. For mix and dry oven,  the capacity is invariable(300kg/h).
The diameter of oil sprayer is increased to 1mm by original 0.9mm, and the capacity also increased. Besides, with
 automatic unloading funtion, and can reduce manual operation.
• Can the dog food machine make different shapes?
It  can make pet food with different sizes and shapes such as bone, round, cinquefol, square and
trangular, ect.
•  What's the process of producing pet food machine?

1) Mixing machine



Mix the raw materials such as chicken oil, sugar and vitamin mixture with water.



2) Pet food machine



Producing 10 shape pet food with different moulding dies. 



3) Oil sprayer



Make pet food surface bright and more attract your lovely pets by spraying chicken oil



and others to pet food.



4) Dry oven



Make the moisture in pet food much lower and storage more than one year.






• Do you offer what kinds of technical support?



Regarding to the equipment, we provide 3-year warrent. Good after-sale service and high


quality can be guaranteed.







• Can you tell me the life and availabilty of the mould?



 It has 3-year warranty. And it has a high quilaty and efficiency.


Can you tell me how long after the passage of the order shipment can take place?

 In general, we make a deal by 30% T/T in advance, the balance is against faxing copy of B/L. This type of payment is more swift and simple. If it possible, we hope adopt this term.

We make delivery within 15 days after 30% prepayment.



• Can you tell me the manufacturing characteristics of these four machines? 


Ref.1: Mixing Machine = how many kg / hour?

Ref.2: Pet Food Machine dimension?

Ref.3: Oil Sprayer = how many kg / hour?

Réf.4: Dry Oven Kg = how can it dry an hour?

1) Ref.1: Mixing Machine = Over 300kg/hour

2) Ref.2: Pet Food Machine Dimension(L*W*H): 1.60*0.80*1.50M

3) Ref.3: Oil Sprayer = 300kg/hour

4) Ref.4: Dry Oven  Over 300kg/hour. There are five shelves, you can put 20-30kg pet food in each shelf. Drying one time takes about five minutes. After drying, the moisture content is about 8%.

5) Do the three machines (Ref.1, 3 and 4) have the same capacity for work that the main engine (Ref.2)?

 Yes, the three machines(1,3,4) about have the same capacity with the main machine(2).

6) What are the most fragile parts on each machine and is it possible to have in advance for immediate repair?

The quick-wear part is moulding die inside of pet food machine. We offer you about 5 shape moulding dies, such as round, bone, triangle, heart-shaped, pentagon. Every shape is equiped with 3-5 pieces moulding dies.

7) As for the rules, I checked with my bank practices that only payment by documentary credit SIMPLIFIED (very easy and safe for you and for us).


• What is the mositure conten the mixture need?

 Add the mixing materials to pet food machine, and the moisture of the mixture is 45%-52%.


What can I do if the pet food are shapeless?

If the finished dry pet food is shapeless, you can crush them into powder. Then add the powder to raw materials and recycle them. 



• What is cost producing the pet food?

 In general, it costs about 0.4-0.5USD for producing one kilogram pet food, including the fee of raw materials, utilty, billmanpower and others. Of cousre, sometimes it depends on your cost of raw materials.



How covers area of this production line?

This production lines covers less area( no more than 20 square meters) and can help you save the manufacture space and cost. Besides, it is easy to operate and maintence.



How many persons will be needed to operate in this production line?

It just needs 2-3 persons.



What about the moulding dies?

The quick-wear parts are moulding dies inside of the pet food machine. We offer you 5-8 shapes moulding dies, such as round, bone-shape, triangle, heart-shape, quadrate, cinquefoil, pentagon, quadrangle, ect. Every shape is equiped with 3-5 pieces moulding dies.



When machines are installed, are there many noises? What's the sound level? Concerning the smell, do we have to install the factory far from city or the houses?

There are less noises, about 60-80db. In general, it has no influence on your neighbours. Nearly no pollution and no any harmful smell, this line can install around the houses and no need far from city. In fact, we have some special pet food production lines which can install in dweller building.



Concerning voltage, when machines leave your factory, which is the level of voltage? And if this voltage doesn't suit to us, which is the additional cost to be paid?

The voltage (three phase) is 380V, 3Phase, 50HZ. If you needed voltage is different, the total cost will increased by 235USD. In our factory, the voltage (single phase) is 220V, 1Phase, 50HZ. 



• What is the temperature range of dry oven?

The temperature of dry oven ranges from 0oC to 300oC. The user can adjust the temperature according to special requirements. 





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