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Charcoal Production Line FAQ



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 Charcoal Briquetting Production Line FAQ




• What is Charcoal?

Charcoal (charcoal) is a kind of dark grey or black porous solid fuel made by wood or wood raw materials burned incompletely or pyrolysis in the isolated air conditions.



 • What is Machine-made Charcoal?

Machine-made charcoal, also named man-mde charcoal, regenerated charcoal or smokeless clean charcoal, is a kind of briquettes made by briquetting machine extruding waste materials such as wood dust, saw dust, crops straw, groundnut shell and rice husk and other waste biomass materials.



• How to make machine-made charcoal?

Machine-made charcoal is produced by four main machines: crushing machine, drying machine, briquetting machine and carbonization furnace.



• What are features of machine-made charcoal?

Machine-made charcoal has features of clean, less consumption, high carbon content, low moisture content, smokeless and no pollution, etc.



• How many kinds of machine-made charcoal are there?

Machine-made charcoal can be divided into three groups: low-temperature machine-made charcoal, mid-temperature machine-made charcoal and high-temperature machne-made charcoal.



• What kind of material can be made machine-made charcoal?

The raw materials can be carbonized include bamboo power, wood dust, saw dust, wood wastes, rice husk, corncob, corn straw, cotton straw and bean stalk, etc.



• What charcoal shape can your briquetting machine make?

Our briquetting machine can make quadrilateral shape and hexagon shape and other shapes charcoal briquettes.



• What does your charcoal briquetting production line include?

Our charcoal briquetting production line includes wood crushing machine, raw material silo, automatic loading machine, drum seive, drying machine, feeding machine, briquetting machine, binning transmitting platform and carbonization furnace.



• Do I have to choose all the machins in the production line?

You do no need to choose all the machines. Some of them are auxiliary equipment, you can choose machines according to your requirements.



• How long can 1KG charcoal burn and how much is the carbon content of charcoal briquettes?

1KG charcoal briquettes can burn as long as 4 hours and the carbon content can reach 83%.



• What is the density of semi-finished charcoal briquettes?

The density of semi-finished charcoal briquettes is different accrding to different raw materials. For example, the density of charcoal briquettes made by saw dust is about 2.1, while charcoal made by straws is about 1.8.



• What is the proportion between raw materials and finished charcoal briquettes?

Anout 2.5Ton raw materials can make 1Ton finished charcoal briquettes.



• Do I have to add additives into raw materials when making charcoal briquettes?

If you use wood raw materials, you don't need to add additives because wood can decompose into lignin at high temperature, which can make the wood powder bond together. But if you use charcoal powder as raw material, you need to add additives because carbon powder after carbonized doesn't contain lignin.



• What is the charcoal production rate of saw dust?

Low-temperature charcoal, med-temperature and high-temperature charcoal have various production rate using saw dust as raw material. Generally speaking, the production rate of lowtemperature charcoal is 1/2; the production rate of med-temperature charcoal is 2/5; and the production rate of high-temperature is 1/3.



• What is the differenc between carbonizing-briquetting charcoal and briquetting-carbonizing charcoal briquettes?

The difference is that the price of briquetting-carbonizing charcoal is much higher than carbonizing-briquetting charcoal.



• How to handle the smoke and exhaust gas of carbonization furnace?

There are generally three methods:

1. concentration discharge;

2. water-cooling treatment;

3. professional fuel gas recovery device.



• How to control the smoke and gas in the charcoal production process?

The best way is to use gas recovery device to recycle exhaust smoke and gas. The device is mainly made up of exhaust fan, pipeline and draught flue. It can effectively reduce 80% smoke and gas in the production process.



• What is the purpose of the gas after carbonization?

The gas after carbonization can be used for warming, cooking, burning and raw material for drying machine after cooling, separating and excluding combustible gas.



• How to reuse the small charcoal pellets in the production rate?

You can use charcoal powder briquette press machine to press these pellets into ball shape, egg shape, pillow shape and square shape, etc.



• Can rice husk be used to make charcoal briquettes?

The best materials for charcoal include saw dust, wood and other wood branches because they have high density. Charcoal made by rice husk and peanut shell has shorter burning time. And if you use straw and bean stalk to make charcoal, you'd better ass some other materials with high density like saw dust.



• What is agricultural carbon?

Agricultural carbon evolves from biomass carbon. It refers to the residue like charcoal made by pyrolyzing animal manure, rice husk, peanut shell, corn straw, wood waste and other waste agricultural materials at low temperature without oxygen.



• What diameter of wood can crushing machine shred?

Wood crushing machine can shred wood branch with diameter 80mm or wastes in furniture factory. It can crush the wood into 3-5mm wood pellets.



 • What is the volume of 1 ton machine-made charcoal?

The formula is: volume=mass/density. In general, the density of charcoal is between 0.45 and 0.55g/cm3 and high density of black charcoal is about 0.6g/cm3. So the volume of 1 ton machine-made charcoal is about 2.5m3.



 • Can corncobs be used to make charcoal?

Corcob can be used to make machine-made charcoal. After carbonized, corncob charcoal contains 90% carbon, 5% ash, 5% moisture and the calorific value is about 6500-7000 kilocalorie.



 • How to cool down the spontaneous combustion type carbonization furnace?

Spontaneous concustion type carbonization furnace generally adopts water-cooling method. It can shorten cooling time and speed up the productivity.



 • What materials can be used as ignition materials?

Crop straws, wood shavings and branches, etc. all can be used as ignition materials.



 • What are the main machines and auxiliary machines in the charcoal briquetting production line?
 Main machines in the production line include crushing machine, drying machine, briquetting machine and carbonization furnace. Other auxiliary machines are screw conveyor, drum seive, feeding machine and binning transmitting platform, etc.



 • How much temperature can your carbonization furnace reach?