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Tunnel Drier

 Sino-Shon Drying Machine



The equipment uses a frequency of 2450MHZ microwave source, the electromagnetic fields generated by the equipment when working frequency is 2450MHZ microwave equipment to 2.45 billion times per second, the frequency of changes in the box.






Rated input power 45KVA
Microwave output power  30kw power segmented adjustable
Microwave frequency 2450MHz ± 50MHz
Noise  75dB
Production 1t / h
Transmission speed  0.5-5M / min
Ambient temperature  0-40
Input power 3phase five-wire 380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1%
Relative humidity   80%
Heating box 7( in accordance with production design)
Microwave feed way  at the top 
Microwave suppressors opening height:  50mm
Electrical cooling methods water cooling
Equipment, microwave leakage criteria in line with national GB10436-89 standard ( 5mw/cm2).
Equipment electrical safety standards compliance with national GB5226 electrical safety standards
Transmission power specifications  1.5KW Frequency Control
Temperature range  0-350
Control button control
Operators  1-2Persons
Volume 11630 * 1160 * 1150 (mm)
Weight 19 (T)
Packing  None
Purposes  food, dog food, cat food, medicines, spices, chemical products, timber, paper and other dry products.









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