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Textile & Fiberglass Recycling Line

1. Glass Fiber & Textile Cutting Machine

This machine is used to cutting glass fiber and clothes cutting and shredding.
And it can help you shred various sizes’ textile rags and recycle some new or old rags,
clothes, cloth, textile waste and cotton.
Techinical Parameters:
Electric Motor
4 KW
Input voltage
380V, 50HZ, 3phases
Output (Min)
Feed width
Feed thickness
Width after cutting
0.5mm-100mm (adjustable)
Measures ( L*W*H)
1320*1250*1350 MM
455 KG
Plywood Box

 fiberglass chopped machine, shredder  


2. Hydraulic Fiberglass Chopping Machine



1.    Head and back safe shield make the machine be safe.  2.    Pressing fiber device and Chopped fiber device are dividedly designed.
3.    The slant-knife cutting is adopted in this machine.  4.    Extra fine adjustment technology is used.
5.    The gap of knives frame is adjustable.  6.    Programmed control circuit designed makes programming be free set.
7.    Precision NC feeding control makes it precisely locate, automatic reset protector,   digital display the chopping sizes.      Technical Parameter:

H.S. Code
Main Motor
4 KW
Feeding Motor
0.75 KW
380V, 3 PH, 50HZ (60HZ)
3mm-6mm (500-600KG) per 8 hours
8mm-10mm (1100-1300KG) per 8 hours
20mm-30mm (2200KG Above) per 8 hours
Working Area
5 Square Meters
Feed Inlet
580 MM
Control Panel
LCD Panel
Feeding Control
Programmable Control
Size After Cutting
1-35 MM (adjustable)
Feeding material thickness
80 MM
±0.2 MM
Chopping Speed
1450*1150*1380 MM


3. Flowering Machine


Features and Functions:


This machine has changed the traditional wooden roller, designed to new iron roller which


is helpful to save manpower and reduce electricity production costs. It can make a variety


of scraps, old clothes and others from clothing factory processed into regeneration cotton,


one can be formed. The processed regeneration cotton is comparable with the raw cotton.


Output reaches to 300 kg/hour.


It adopts iron roller design, neither harm fibers, nor easy to ignite. Processed regeneration


cotton can be used for greenhouse quilt, engineering thermal insulation, noise barriers, and


many other products. On one hand, it creates a certain economic value. On the other hand,


it also protects the environment. It is ideal equipment for regeneration cotton processing


factory and spinning mill. 


Technical Parameters:


Model: ZX1040

Brand:  Multifunction Flowering machine

Application: Nonwoven Flowering
Type:  Preparatory Machinery for Cotton Spinning Systems

Capacity: 300KG/Hour
Power:  20KW

Pin Roll Rotate Speed:  950r/Min
Garnett Wire Model: 8810*7320MM

Machine Dimensions: 6000*1400*1300MM



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