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The machine uses the advanced drum horizontal structure, drum heating uniformity, and have heat preservation function, automatic rotation, automatic stir, automatic out of the pot, work roller twirling round and round, make roasted seeds and nuts food go up and down, left and right sides, and omnibearing stir, won't appear adhesive pot phenomenon, the craft of food color golden red, bright and beautiful, Aroma Pubi. Roasted seeds and nuts in and out of the pot are very convenient. Just press positive or negative switching, the motor is driven roller reversal, roasted seeds and nuts will automatically out of the pot.

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It is Quick, convenient, without arduous, clean and health. Covers an area of small, clean environmental protection, no pollution, is the most ideal equipment roasted seeds and nuts

Technical Parameter:

Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Power: 1.1KW

Capacity: 200-800kg/h

Dimension: 1500*700*1100

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