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Peanut Peeling Machine

    Peanut Peeling Machine

    Pour the raw material after soaking into the hopper, then by shaking into fixed rotating rub-ber wheel which consists of three power rollers.  With the function of conducting bar and fe-ed wheel vibrations, the blade in tool head will cut the skin of raw materials an incision, and th-en discharging wheel will be press rice, kernels, beans after peeling into a discharging h-opper and then discharge, skin will be thrown by the wheel of throwing skin.

peanut peeling machine


Technical Parameter:

1.   Brand:  SINO-SHON

2.   Model:  SS-250PSS

3.   Power:  0.75KW

4.   Electric Motor:  380V, 3 PH, 50HZ or 220V, 2PH, 50HZ

5.   Noise:  75dB

6.   Output:  200--250kg/hour

7.   Peeling Rate:  98%±2

8.   Broken Rate:  less than 3%

9.    Whole Kernel Rate:  85%±5

10.        Raw materials:  Peanut, broad bean, soybean.

11.        Operation Area:  5-8mm

12.        Number of operator:  One Person

13.        Dimension:  1170*910*1140 mm

14.        Weight:  300KG

comparison before peeling and after peeling

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