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Home Electric Oil Press

SINO-SHON Home Oil Press: 

Home Oil Press


Name Value
Model SS-15BOP
Production Capacity 2-3kg/h or 44-66lb/h
Voltage 220V, Single Phase, 50HZ
Power 150W
Place of Origin China
Year 2013
Certification CE, ISO, BV, SGS
Dimension(L*W*H) 382*182*171mm
Weight 12kg

1 Year


Home Oil Press Parts


Features of Electric Oil Press:

  • These Model home oil press adopted 304 stainless bearing and 316 stainless stee, can meet food grade standard.
  • The home oil press surface of machine uses aluminum alloy with delicate design.
  • The domestic oil press is environment-friendly and low electricity consumption: only with 180W power.
  • This electric oil press is designed compacted space, the dimenstion is only 380*180*170mm.
  • So low noise: less than 50db.
  • High Extraction of oil, can be hot-pressing and cold-pressing.

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1. For home oil press, we need to screen stone or hard substances out from the raw material of the pressing oil.

2. Before the pressing oil using home oil press, big granule, for example, Walnut class , these raw materials be pounded to pieces, in order to be easily put into the pressing chamber.

3. The raw materials, before the pressing oil, has to be heated by the microwave about 5 minutes or Fried hot out of moisture in order to obtain high extraction of oil.

4. Please open the thermostat warming up 3 to 5 minutes before the pressing oil which can improve the oil extraction rating.

5. At the pressing oil using home oil press, it is normal phenomenon that the pressing chamber may be getting hot. Don’t touch it, so as not to burn. And don’t put the fingers in the hopper bottom, so as not to be injured.

 6. Afrer the pressing oil is over, please don’t close it immediately, in order that the machine can work on several minutes, until oil residue is totally discharged. After pressing the reversing switch several times, you can take the pressing chamber out to wash home oil press.

7. After the domestic oil press finishes working, you should take the pressing chamber and screw rod out, wash them, and put them back.

8. The oil from the oil press is naturally deposited will have traditional plant oil color, whose upper level is edible oil and lower level is sauce.

10. The storage of oil from the oil press had better be put in the shadow. 

11. That home oil press only is appropriate for the pressing oil of things, for example, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, linseed and English walnut seed.

12. The corn oil are generally refined by using the chemical leaching method, so that the machine is not fitted for the hard oil crops, corn and etc, in order to avoid damaging home oil press parts.  



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