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Ripper-Scarifier Equipment

Fertilizer Ripper-Scarifier Machine


Ground bank up fermentation is the most economical, efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer
mode for the production of bio-organic fertilizer. The upender is a wise choice of the organic fertilizer
manufacturing enterprises, but also a good helper for handling of garbage and sludge. It will bring
huge economic and social effects to your business.

This fertilizer ripper-scarifier machine adopts four wheels walk design, can move forward,
backwards, turning, driving by one person manipulation. Power by the transmission system to
reach the drum to work. The structure is reasonable, strong stability, and easy to manipulate, the
key components take a special process, increase durability and reduce the failure rate.
                                                             Workshop and Fermentation
It can work in the open outdoor venue can also be implemented in the workshop shed jobs.
Technical Parameters:
Model SS-2000      SS-2500     
Pile Width  2000mm       2300mm     
Pile Height   600mm-800mm   600mm-1000mm 
Accretion Line Spacing       0.5-0.8m     0.8-1.0m
Max Diameter of Material Granules  250mm 250mm
Motive Power  22KW Motor       40HP electric starting
Maximum Rotation Speed   2200r/min     2200r/min   
Rated Power Speed Per Hour 2200r/min    2200r/min   
Operating Speed        7.58m/min    7.58m/min  
Running Speed go forward 3 gear, fall back 1 gear     go forward 3 gear, fall back 1 gear      
Running Blade Diameter  600mm 600mm
Handling Capacity     400-500m³/hour       500-700 m³/hour




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