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Drying Machine

Application of Drying Machine:


(1) Chemical industry, Miners, Metallurgical and other industries, such as Ores, Slag, Coal, Metal Powder, Clay, Diatomite, Kaolin.
(2) Agriculture, Feed, Fertilizer industry, such as Straw, Grass, Leaves, Fish Meal, Corn Sauce, Starch Dregs, Lees, Dregs, Dregs of a Decoction, Pomace, Soy Sauce Residue, Bagasse, Peat, Organic Compound Fertilizer, Sludge, Aquatic Waste, Food Plant Waste, Slaughterhouse Waste, Organic Fertilizer, Inorganic Fertilizer, Phosphate Fertilizer Ammonium Sulfate.
(3) Dry powder and granular materials with special requirements such as a variety of Crystals, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Activated Clay, Magnetic Powder, Graphite, Inorganic Mud, china Clay, Lime Slurry, Ore Slurry, Phosphorus Slag, Aluminum Smelter Red Mud.briquette drying machine


Functions and Features:

We plant the production of the rotary drum dryer using the new combined lifting and center the second lifting device, no wind tunnel phenomenon of materials, heat exchange efficiency, uniform drying, reliable, clean up fewer materials, easy maintenance, etc. characteristics.
Mainly used for fertilizer drying, is also widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, cement, slag, lime powder, coal, clay and other dry, the aircraft lifting plate distribution and rational design, a variety of material combinations Zhou Xiangyang distribution, the effective regulation of drying time, drying effect. Set heating, drying, dust collection as a whole, to achieve operating mechanization, automation, meet environmental requirements.


Technical Parameters of Dryer:



Model SS-8600 SS-12120
H.S. Code 8419399090 8419399090
Power 4KW 11KW
Electric Motor 380V, 3Phases, 50HZ 4N-AC380 50HZ
Noise 75db 75db
Capacity 800-1300KG/H 2-3Ton/H
Inner Diameter 600mm 1200mm
Length 8m 12m
Dip Angle 3-5o 2-5o
Revolving Speed 8r/min 5r/min
Inlet of Heat Scale Division 150-250oC 150-250oC
Exit of Heat Scale Division 60-80oC 60-80oC
Operation Staff 1-2 persons 1-2 persons
Diamension 8000*600*600mm 12000*1200*1200mm



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