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Aluminium Ingots Production Line

Aluminium Ingots Production Line


Equipment 1:  800KG Aluminium Melting Holding Furnace

1.     Equipment Name  

GR3-145-800A Crucible Type Melting Holding Furnace

2. Technical Parameters   

Input Voltage
380V, 3Phase, 50HZ
Rated Temperature
Rated Power
Dimension of Crucible
Ø870 * 1000mm (H)
Maximum Loading Capacity
Aluminum Liquid 800 KG
Precision of temperature control
Machine Weight
About 2000 KG
Heating Elements:  Adopt high temperature resistance wire heating manufactured by Taiwan.

Material Quality:  OCr25Al5
Wiring Method:  9 groups of resistance wires, Y-Y shape wiring method

3. Material of Construction 
1) The shell of Furnace is welded with 6mmA3 steel plate roller, flange plate of furnace mouth 

with 12 mm steel plate, furnace bottom with 10 # channel steel reinforced welding.

Furnace lid adopts arc end socket structure, the lever hand pressure type opening and closing, 

360-degree rotating mobile, easy to operate.
2) Furnace interior adopts light weight alumina bricks piled into round furnace, the furnace mouth 

with hard alumina bricks to shrink, the bottom with light weight insulating brick to build the furnace.

3) Between the furnace chamber and the furnace wall is filled with high temperature and high

quality aluminium silicate refractory fiber insulation materials, insulating layer thickness of 200mm.
4) The heating elements are coiled into spiral and evenly distribute around the circular furnace 

chamber, composed of nine groups of resistance wires, divided on 18 layers installed in Tuosi 

brick of the furnace.


4. Electrical Control
1) Electrical control cabinet is vertical independent cabinet, the inner door is instrument panel and 

outside layer door is a transparent glass structure, elegant appearance, and can effectively protect 

the electrical instrument from external dust contamination,

Size: 700mm (width) * 1600mm (height) * 450mm (thickness).
2) Be equipped with 2 pieces of microcomputer digital display intelligent instruments to automatic 

temperature control and heating, one is used for the master control heating, the other is used for 

monitoring the over-temperature protection.

3) During working, it is equipped with the 3-phase current, voltage display, while there is earth 

leakage protection, leakage liquid, over-temperature alarm power outages and other control func-

tions and device.
4) The heating element control: make use of contactor control output, the Tengen appliances.

5) Installation of a three-phase watt-hour meter, can effectively observe the electricity consumption 

of these equipment.

5. Complete Equipment

 One Unit Melting Holding Furnace
 One Unit Electrical Control Cabinet

 One Unit Tianfu Crucible
 One Piece of Operating Instruction Manual

6. Delivery Time      
20 days after confirmed prepayment.

7. Installation and Debugging   
If the buyer indeed requests to install, we can send the professional for Installation and Debugging.

8. After Service 
Warranty is one year during the normal useexcept the quick-wear part crucible, enjoy the 

preference for to supply accessories all its life.

Equipment 2:   Aluminum Ingot Molding Equipment


1.    Machine Features: 
Aluminum ingot casting machine equipment is used for aluminum ingot production (zinc). 

High production efficiency, maximum ingot can supply up to 6 tons/hour. 

The drive motor uses AC variable speed motor. The governor can choose the electromagnetic 

or frequency. 

Stepless speed regulation, automatic irrigation fluid, billets uniform. Labor intensity is low, 

the use of this equipment can improve the yield of 20% -30%. Also can be used robot stacked 

ingots machine and the rear section of conveyor equipment, composition of the ingot production 

line. This equipment is linear, the maximum width of 1.3 meters, 14 meters in length. The machine 

is mainly fueled by coal, natural gas, oil, saving a lot of energy cost, low-energy and environmental 

protection, aluminum ingot production line equipment becomes the first choice in Europe, the 

Americas and Africa and so on.

2. Device operating speed:  0 to 6 m/min adjustable

3. The maximum production capacity:  6 ton/hour (customization)
4. Separating system:  Automatic

5. Ingot mold number:  >164 
6. Motor power:  5.5KW

7. Production cycle:  25 days
8. Picture of Equipment




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