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Mixing Machine


YTLJ20 Forced Continuous Automatic Batching Mixer


This machine used in conjunction with our pump will be better. Can be used alone and modular assembly. It is the necessary machine in rural civil, city high-rise buildings, building road, protecting slope, fixing rive and embankment, tunnel, mine and so on about engineering construction mixing.




1.       Forklift loading, can be traction, easy to move, strong liquidity, free installation;

2.       Manual and automatic batching mixing;

3.       Forced continuous batching, mixing and discharging fast and nonstop;

4.       Dry or wet material, mixing uniformed and good quality;

5.       Apply for concrete, fine aggregate, mortar and a variety of mixtures, wide range of applications;

6.       Small size and simple operation, stirring shaft head is not easy to stick the mud, low failure rate.





 Automatic Batching Process                                                                        Jet Rendering

Concret pump                                                                                       Shotcrete 




Model YTLJ20 YTLJ25 YTLJ30
Feed Rate(m3/h) 20 25 30
Discharge Rate(m3/h) 20 25 30
Theoretical Productivity(m3/h) 20 25 30
Mixing Blades 2*13 2*13 2*15
Working status Continuous Continuous Continuous
Burdening Way Automatic Automatic Automatic


Maximum Allowable Aggregate (gravel)mm


≤40 ≤40 ≤40
Total Motor Power 12.25 14.25 18.8
WeightKG 3100 3200 3800
Measures(L*W*H)m 5.0m*1.5*2.5m 5.1m*1.6m*2.5m 5.6m*1.8m*2.5m


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