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Drum Sieve

Drum Sievedrum seive

Drum sieve is mainly made up of electric motor, reducer, roller device, rack, sealed cap, feeding inlet and feeding outlet. The principle is that when the raw materials are placed into the roller device, the tube will lean and turn. The material with better quality will be discharged from the feeding outlet and those with bad quality will be discharged from the feeding outlet in the bottom of roller tube.


Features of Drum Sieve:
1.The sieve pore is not easy to block.
2.The machine has smooth and reliable operation and less noise.
3.It has simple structure and easy maintenance.
4.The screening tube can be closed, which is helpful to absorb dust closely.
5.The machine is very reliable and does not need much investment.
6.It adopts special screen and is more efficient and long-life working time.


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