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Wet Material Crusher

Half Wet Materials Crusher Machine


The series of half wet material crusher is that researchers from our plant repeated research,
improvement, using many years production experience, based on at home and abroad advanced
grinding technology, and manufacture professional half wet crusher. The machine completely
solves the problem of high water-bearing organics grinding, belong to domestic initiation.
The machine successfully developed for biological organic fertilizer, compost production,
which has played a key role on shortening the process flow, reducing equipment investment,
saving operation cost.
Structure Outlined:
Half Wet Material Crushed Machine can be divided into three parts:
1)    Rack parts:
The normal operation of all machinery cannot be separated from solid rack. The rack of half wet
material crusher machine is all made from excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel. It adopts
strict product certification and specific process requirements to achieve the purpose of using this
2)    Broken parts of the rotor:
The rotor of this machine has novel structure and reasonable design. It breaks materials by the up
and down double-blade, so the crushing effect is twice that of other products. From the feed inlet
into the crushing chamber, the material can achieve granulator requirements after double-blade
grinding. Because of the use of high strength lining leather, the internal lining board is durability
and completely gets rid of phenomenon of viscosity; 
3)    Drive connections parts:
This machine uses flexible belt drive. The pulley and belt are driven by the motor and passed directly
to the spindle. The spindle uses high-speed rotation to achieve crushing effect.
Technical Parameters:
Motor Power
Input Voltage
380V, 3Phase, 50HZ
1-3 Ton/Hour
Dimension (L*W*H)
375 KG
Measuring Precision
The First Grade


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