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Wood Powder Machine

Wood Powder Machine Application:


Bamboo powder, shells, Chinese medicinal herbs, bark, tree leaves, wheat bran, amorphophalms konjac, xuan hemp, rice husk, corncob, straw, starch, grains, dried small shrimps, fishmeal, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, pumpkin powder, spices, jujube, paper, circuit board, plastic, industrial chemicals, seafood, mica, graphite, swell soil, perlite, grain stillage, furfural, cakes, charcoal, activated carbon, cellulose, potato residue, tea leaves, hair, soya bean, cotton, cow leather, sheep skin, plant roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits, various edible mushrooms and hundreds of difficult materials.


It is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, medicine, health, farming, food, mosquito coils, etc.


Wood Powder Machine Technical Parameters:

wood powder machineBrand: SINO-SHON
Model: SS-700WGM
H.S. Code: 8474802000
Power: 22kw
Electric Motor: 380V, 3 PH, 50HZ
Noise: 75db
Output: 300-500kg/h
Inlet Size: ≤30-35 mesh mm
Outlet Size: 30-500mm
Maximum Material hardness: 4
Material Moisture: 10
Spindle Speed: 3500/min
Dimension: 5000×2500×4500mm
Abrasive Materials: manganese steel
Operating People: 1-2
Weight: 4000kg
Packaging: PLYWOOD BOX
Production cycle: 15 days 




Model  400 500 800 900 1000
Power(KW) 7.5-11 11-18.5 22-30 45-55 110
Revolving Speed 3600R/Min 3600R/Min 3300R/Min 2900R/Min 2900R/Min
Tool Number 18 36 72 96 274
Fineness(Mesh) 10-500 10-500 10-500 10-500 10-500
Feeding Size Less than 30MM 30-35MM 30-40MM 40-50MM 40-50MM
Material Moisture Less than 6% Less than 6% Less than 6% Less than 6% Less than 6%
Weight(KG) 1000 1600 3600 3800 6800
Covers Area(M) 4.5×1.6×3.2 4.6×1.8×3.5 7×2.51×4.3 8×2.8×5.5 12×4.8×5.5



1.The machine can be injected water to play a role of water-cooling, which can protect the bearings. And it can be put in a new material, which plays a role of sound insulation, heat dissipation. In use, noise is small, no vibration, durable and high output.
2.Be made of three kinds of cutting tools: 7 type knife, 1 type knife, the knife centrifugal tried
3.The machine with a fineness analyzer control the material can be arbitrary fineness.


Structure and Crushing Principle:


1. Wood powder machine is composed of three big parts: body, medium body, and the lower body. The medium body includes a triple stator big circle, crushing cutter and fineness analyzer.
2. Crushing blade is made of 7 type knife, 1 type knife and centrifugal knife
3. Attached machine is composed of draught fan, powder collector and dust catcher.
4. The host crushing chamber adopts 7type knife, 1type knife and centrifugal knife to achieve coarse crushing, fine crushing and centrifugal crushing. The electric motor drives the crush motor at a high speed and the machine produces high-speed airflow which has high-strength percussive force, compressive force, cutting force and frictional force to achieve the unique crushing function.
5. In the process of crushing, the rotor produces high-speed airflow rotating with the direction of blades. The raw material in the air to accelerate and repeated impact, cutting, friction, and at the same time by three crushing effect, the material flow into the analysis with the parser. Because the parser rotor centrifugal force in the function and the role of the centrifugal force by air, so when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, with fine particles into the air with powder collecting, coarse particles into the crushing chamber centrifugal tried to continue until it reaches the crushing need fineness.


Wood Powder Machine Principle:


Principle of wood powder machine



Internal Picture of Wood Powder Machine:


Internal picture of wood powder machine















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