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Wood Peeling Machine

 Product Features:

wood peeling machine and raw materials1. The machine use open silo, from one side feeds materials, from the other side discharge of assembly line operation to overcome the existing power roller peeling machine feed, discharge, stage-works shortcomings and high efficiency.

2. Due to the impact of gear teeth on wood, not only wood in the casing for circulating movement, and turn around their own, so stripping efficiency is high, species of difficult stripping tree such as eucalyptus wood and poplar have good peeled off net rate.

3. Strong adaptability of the machine on wood, for different tree species, diameters, lengths and shapes of wood stripping, because wood does rotary movement and irregular beats, the concave part of the bending wood section can also good contact with the stripping teeth. Therefore, stripping net rate of bending wood is much higher than any other roller peeling machine.

4. Because of the huge cabinet is fixed, so little energy consumption, low fault rate, small amount of maintenance, lower vibration and noise than roller peeling machine, the machine can produce landing, even without installed base, easy to operate.


Technical Parameters:


Model  SS-60BPM
H.S. Code 8465990000
Power 7.5KW*2
Electric Motor 380V, 3 PH, 50HZ
Output(T/H) 6-10Ton/H
Noise 75db
Feeding Length Less Than 6000MM
Rotor Diameter 340MM
Spindle Speed 120R/Min
Raw Materials All Kinds of Trees
Area of Operation 15-30Sqm
Operator 2-3 persons
Feed Inlet 6100*2250MM
Dimension 6200*2250*1600MM
Weight 3300KG
Package Plywood Box
Lead Time 15 Days



The Internal Picture of Wood Peeling Machine:



Internal structure of wood peeling machine


















Finished Wood:


wood after peeled









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