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Waste Tire Recycling Line

Waste Tire Rubber Powder Recycling Complete Equipment


Product Introduction:

Waste Tire Rubber Powder Equipment is made up of three major components: waste tire decomposition equipment, grinding mill group, rubber powder screening magnetic conveyor.


The first operation is to process the tires into 3.5 cm square pieces by waste tire decomposition equipment; then using grinding mill equipment grinds the rubber block to get mixed powder with steel wire, rubber granules; finally the screening magnetic conveyor completely separates the steel wire and tire rubber. After two sieve beds screening by belt conveyor device, the fines will be separated from steel wire by magnetic roller and magnetic separator. Then get the pure rubber powder with 10 mesh to 40 mesh fineness (the fineness is optional).


The recycle grinding technology is advanced, and do not need any chemical raw materials, no gas, no wastewater, the operationg cost is low. The effect of magnetic separation steel wire exceeds 99.9%, the total installed power is 80KW, the average power consumption for dealing with a ton of tire power is around 200 degrees, output is 200-400kg per hour.




Processing and Equipment:


1.   First Step: 
Cut circle machine-----Cut off outside circle of tyre
Electric motor:  2.2KW, 3phases, 380V, 50HZ
Tyre specification:  750-1200mm
Capacity:   20-30 pieces per hour
Measure:  1150mm*850mm*1200mm
Weight:   585KG
2.   Second Step: 
Cutting strip machine-----Cut the tyre into strips
Electric motor: 5.5KW, 3phases, 380V, 50HZ
Tyre Diameter:  750-1200mm
Capacity:  10 pieces per hour
Measure:  1250mm*650mm*1580mm
Weight:  865KG
3.   Third Step
Cutting piece machine----Cut strip into pieces (3-4cm)
Electric motor:  7.5KW, 3phases, 380V, 50HZ
Capacity:  1 ton per hour
Size after cutting:   3.5cm*3.5cm
Measure:   800mm*550mm*1250mm
Weight:   645KG
4.   Fourth Step:
Crusher machine---- Crushing pieces into small grains
Electric   motor: 45KW, 3phases, 380V, 50HZ
Capacity: 100-600 kg per hour
Size after cutting:   3.5cm*3.5cm
Measure:   4200mm*1850mm*1950mm
Weight:   7500KG


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