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Waste Wire and Cable Recycling Line

 Waste Wires and Cables Pulverizing and Copper Separation Complete Equipment


With the pulverizing and copper separation complete equipment, the wasted wires and cables can be recycled for secondary usage; by the process of cutting, scraping, pulverization, filtration and so on, the content of pure copper separation can be up to  99.9% with full automatic control.

1.   Purpose
At present, there are various kinds of used or exchanged wires and cables used for communication, in order to prevent the copper and other by-product from loss, adopt scientific and automatic process to improve the recovery rate as well as production efficiency. It not only promote the development of national economy and prevent the environment, but also useful for the development of reproduction industry.
2. Effectiveness
1) Economic effect:
When processed the same wires, these machines are provided with 99% above recovery rate, produce more wire from limited resource with lower cost, and so reduce the economic burden of user.
2) Environment protection effect:
With strict process from pulverization, selection to dust collection, it is more effective than other methods like burning and alike.
3.  Single Application
1) Shredder--Cutting the wires and cables into small pieces;

2) Pulverizer--Crush the wasted wires into 1-3mm thickness.
3) Sorter--Make the crushed materials be divided into copper and others.
4) Dust collector--Collect the dust produced from the process of pulverization and filtration, then discharge it.
4. Machine Characteristics
1) High automatic degree for the whole production line and easy to operate (Manual and automatic operation are available);
2) In separation processing, the recycle rate is more than 99%.
3) The purity of copper can be up to 99% when using pulverizer ;
4) The life span of machine is half-permanent, just to change the depleting accessories.
5. Technical Parameter
Model:  SS-550RCM
Productivity Capacity:  500kg-600KG/HOUR
Copper Output:  350KG or above
Motor Power:  62KW (85HP)
Electric Motors:  380V, 50HZ, 3PHASES
1) One Unit Cutting Machine
2) 6 Meters Magnetic Conveyer
3) One Unit Pulverizer
4) One Set of Sorter, Dust Collector
Application Scope:  Communication Cable, Connecting Cable, Power Cable, Armored Cable, Aluminum Cable, Wires from Cable Car and Shipping, Electrical and Electronic Wires and Cables and so on.
Operation Area:  20-50 Square Meters
Operation Worker:  2 Persons
Lead Time:  45 Days
Package:  Plastic Sheet
6.  Main Equipment and Functions:
1)  No.1 Cutting-off Machine:
It needs the operator to feed the wasted wires into machine. Although this step must be operated manually, it has the features like easy to operate and high output.
2)  MagneticConveyer:
It moves the wasted wires from cutting-off machine to pulverizer machine, and the magnet is equipped at the top of it; when the pulverizer machine is full, the conveyer will stop working till the pulverizer machine gets normal running.
3)     Pulverizer:
It is a device which is used for grinding the raw materials from cutting machine. This machine can crush and grind the foreign body on external surface and separate the external rubber with copper completely.
4) Blower:  
Move the crushed materials from pulverizer to sorter by wind wave and pressure.
5)    Sorter:  
As a core part, it is used to separate the copper and external rubber, though the structure is complex, it is easy to operate.
6)    Cloth Dust Collector:  
This device is used for collecting the dust produced in sorter through blower, there are 12 filtration woven belts whose material is imported diffusing tissue which can recycle the dust effectively, and so guarantee the cleanliness of the air of surrounding environment.
7)    Control Cabinet:  
As a control device, it is used for adjusting all the machines and equipped with emergency stop and timing function. The working principle is using the PLC to control each part of the machine with strong controllability.



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