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Chicken Manure Treatment Methods Introduction

Chicken Manure Treatment Method Introduction


Organic Fertilizer Equipment knowledge: chicken manure treatment method introduction in detail.
Today we will introduce organic fertilizer equipment knowledge about chicken manure handling method, hope to be helpful to you.
1. Dry processing method
1) Natural drying processing method:
Collect the fresh chicken manure and then spreading on the clean ground to dry in the sun, deodorization sterilization. Then crushing smashing sifting, when water content is below 10%, can store and use them. This kind of treatment method is simple, convenient and feasible, suitable for China's rural farmers for feeding both chickens and pigs.
2) Simple labour processing drying method:
Usually heating the fresh dung to 70 ℃ for 12 hours, 140 ℃ for 1 hour, 180 ℃ for 30 minutes. Or adding 30% of the industrial ferrous sulfate in chicken manure, drying them in temperature of 120 ℃ ~ 160 ℃.
3) Plastic-covered tunnel natural drying method:
This is a simple chicken manure drying method from Japan. Plastic shed legth is generally 45 meters, width is 4.5 meters, chicken manure spreadings on the ground tile, inside of shed is equipped with two tracks, there is a flow drying mixer on top, equipped with the fan. The drying methods can evenly dry 750 kilograms of fresh dung every day, does not fear the rain, no fuel consumption, is easy to popularize.
4) High temperature rapid drying method:
With high temperature rapid drying machine processing chicken manure, under the high temperature of 500 ~ 550 ℃,  in a very short period of time (12 seconds) can make the chicken manure water reduce to below 13%. Its advantage is less chicken manure nutrient loss.
2. Fermentation treatment method
Compared with drying treatment, fermentation processing has the advantages of saving energy, low cost, easy popularization, and at the same time also can achieve the purpose of sterilization, removing smell.
1) Natural fermentation method:
After removing the sundries from fresh manure, put them into plastic bags or cylinder, sealing, because the role of microorganisms in chicken manure, can realize natural fermentation.
2) Liquor trough fermentation method:
Adding suitable amount of chaff bran in fresh manure, also add 10% of liquor trough and 10% of water, after stirring evenly, fermentation for 10-20 hours, and then high temperature sterilization. This kind of chicken manure regeneration feed with wine fragrance, palatability.
3) Fermentation machine fermentation method:
Japan developed a kind of poultry and animal feces fermentation machine, can fast ferment the chicken manure and make it use as feed. The method is chicken manure 500 kg, 120 kg wheat bran, 100kg bran, 100 kg rice bran fermentation bacteria powder 1200 grams, input them to machine mixing, after stop running, 12 hours is ok. To feed the pigs can be used as a complete feed.
4) Ensiling processing method:
Chicken manure with other greenfeed by the proportion of 1:2, mix them and then crush, and add 3% of lime water well, after mixing sterilization to pit for fermentation, silage can be used as feed in 30 days. This kind of feed with faint scent flavor, good palatability.
3. Chemical processing method
Dry the chicken manure in the air, then add the formalin, sulfuric acid and other chemicals, dealing with 24 hours, again dry them.
4. Thermal spray processing method
This kind of treatment method is similar as "popcorn". First dyr the chicken manure in the air, then inject thermal spray machine, after blowing off, crushing and packaging. With sterilization, deodorant, bulk, taste sweet etc. advantages.

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