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Raw Materials for the Using of Oil Press

Raw Materials for the Using of Oil Press

In this text, we main introduce the raw materials for the using of oil press, such as the walnut, the rapeseed, the Sunflower seeds and so on.


Walnut and almond, hazelnut, cashew nuts become "the world's four big dried fruit"; It not only can a raw food, Fried food, but also can press into oil.

Walnut meat is the walnut peel out of the kernel, mainly produced in Hubei, Shanxi, and Shandong of China, and all parts of the country are been grown. It is the walnut kernel of walnut.

Nutrition analysis:

Firstly, walnut kernel contain more protein and human nutrition necessary not saturated fatty acid, these components are brain tissue cell metabolism important material, can nourish brain cells, boost brain function;

Secondly, walnut meat have prevent arteriosclerosis, lower cholesterol, In addition, walnut can also be used in the treatment of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus; Walnut to cancer patients and analgesic, improve leucocyte and protect liver, etc.

thirdly, walnut kernel contains a large amount of vitamin E, regular consumption have embellish skin, black hair effect, can make skin moist smooth, full of elasticity;

Fourthly, when feel tired, chew some walnut kernel, relieve fatigue and the effects of stress.


Rape flower origin in Europe and central Asia area, botany belongs to the annual herb plants, cruciferae, rape flower is by the four other petals, one pieces of pistil, four pieces of long stamens and two pieces of short stamens form small flower contain very rich pollen. Seed oil content up to 35 to 50%, can oil or as a coarse. Besides, the rape flower tender stem and leaf can also as a vegetable.

Rape flower is the easiest to cultivation of one of the crops, farmers often in farmland in winter fallow period in the field sprinkle with rapeseed, seeding about two months and yellow flowers were blossoming out, until the following spring again farmers will rape tillage the vines to increase the soil nutrient. The fruit after flowering is China's first big edible vegetable oil raw materials.

Due to the pollen contains rich nectar, often draws a colorful butterfly and bugs dancing in the flowers, which adds the countryside rural colorful scene. But bad place is sometimes easy to cause the following spring plowing farmers when deinsectization problems.

Made of rape flower juice in the medical field is said to have prevent hypertension, anemia, and cold and efficacy. The method of modulation is simple: rape a two, a little apple and lemon, will rape and apple to chop, into the blender mixing into juice, add lemon juice and a little honey can.

Every into winter before the second phase of the rice harvest, 10 - November of paddy field will enter the fallow period, broadcast rape flower, after 40 after a few days, rice paddies and then open full rape flower. The most basically is the rape as green manure plants, organic fertilizer to use.


Sunflower seeds in the people's life is indispensable snacks, sunflower seed is the top seeds. Sunflower seeds can not only as a snack, but also can be used as raw material of making cakes. Due to the sunflower seed is the seeds of plants, contains a lot of fat, the sunflower seed or important oil raw materials. Sunflower seed oil is in last few years by nutrition academic circles praise highly of high-grade health grease.


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