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Developing Trend of Machine-made Charcoal Briquettes

 Developing Trend of Machine-made Charcoal Briquettes

Machine-made charcoal uses cotton stalk, saw dust, rice husk, saw dust, wood dust, biomass materials, etc. as raw materials. It doesn’t need to add any additives.


By high temperature and high pressure treatment, the raw materials are briquetted by briquetting machine and then carbonized in the carbonization furnace. After chemical decomposition, it finally becomes machine-made charcoal briquettes with high carbon content. It is very clean renewable fuel. Machine-made charcoal briquettes are widely used in smelting industry, chemical industry, medicine, industrial silicon factory, activated carbon, silicon carbide and explosive power, etc. It can be also used for barbecue.

The market trend of machine-made charcoal

This question is one of the most important problems that those users focused. As we know, with the implementation of the national lumbering prohibition law, many provinces and cities have also promulgated the local laws and regulations. So charcoal made by earth kiln is restrained and the wood charcoal in the market is becoming less and less. But the charcoal demand in industrial and agricultural, environmental protection, metallurgy and civil life, etc. is still increasing. This shows that the demand of machine-made charcoal briquettes is becoming more and more huge.

Industrial silicon reduction needs above 1 million tons charcoal each year; hot pot barbecue needs about 500000 ton charcoal; the export needs above 500000 ton charcoal; southern region (such as Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, etc.) need charcoal for warming about 500000 ton and the charcoal demand of agriculture production of organic fertilizer is also increasing.

According to the statistical report in Shanxi, the province use about 10 thousand ton charcoal (including export). The central plains and the northern areas have all used machine-made charcoal because machine-made charcoal has higher carbon content, higher calorific value and long burning time than tree charcoal.


Price trend of machine-made charcoal

The present price of machine-made charcoal changes with market. Generally, the price is about 2100 Yuan per ton. Price of industrial charcoal (low temperature charcoal) is 1800 Yuan per ton. Barbecue charcoal has different prices in different cities. In Beijing and Shanghai, the price is 2600 Yuan per ton; in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, barbecue charcoal is 2100 ~ 2300 Yuan/ton; Zhengzhou, Xian, Sichuan is 2100 Yuan per ton and the export charcoal is as high as $400-$500.

Generally speaking, low temperature charcoal factory price is about 1800 Yuan per ton; medium temperature charcoal is 2200 Yuan per ton and high temperature carbon is 3200 Yuan per ton. Due to the imbalance between supply and demand at home and abroad, so the market price of machine-made charcoal briquettes is still gradually rising.

Imbalance of machine-made charcoal

Machine-made charcoal was born ten years ago, but the real blossom period is nearly 2 ~ 3 years. This is mainly because that our country has promulgated the prohibition of lumbering the relevant laws in recent years and earth kiln was restrained strictly. Even so, there are still some areas cutting and burning trees. In addition, the developing of machine-made carbon is limited by raw materials, sales market, power, production site and the restriction of capital, especially raw materials and product market almost became the key points limiting the developing of machine-made charcoal. In some places, there are no raw materials and some places have abundant raw materials, electric power and the production site, but the local charcoal demand is small. Thus it restrictes the development of machine-made charcoal.

How to make full use of abundant raw materials to produce high quality machine-made charcoal and promote sales market is one of the problems needed to be solved.

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