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The Classification and Features of the Raw Material

First, soybean

Soybean is a kind of high quality protein oil, oil rate fifteen percent to twenty-six percent, protein thirty-five percent to forty-five percent.

Soybean has become the world's most important plant oil, the main production state of the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China, India, etc., is one of the world's oil, vegetable protein (food and feed) one of the main sources.

Soybean Cake

In soybean oil contains unsaturated fatty acid content reaches as high as sixty-five percent above, including linoleic acid content is fifty-two point one  percent linoleic acid two percent to ten percent, accordingly soybean oil has very high nutrition value, but poor stability.

Second, rapeseed

It is cruciferae of dicotyledonous plants category. And it is one year herb or perennial herbs. Base was born leaf fold shape, cauline leaf, usually alternate, no stipule.

Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic, petals four pieces, a cross array, stamens usually sixcions, four long two short, usually called "four stamens", pistil by such skin structure, ovary position on top.

Stems cylindrical, many-branched; Leaves alternate, leaf, thick green, no petiole and stipule. Third, in April, stem tip with flowers, raceme, flower sepals four pieces, yellow-green, corolla four disc, yellow, a cross.

Fruit for silique, to the summer, when mature crack spread the seeds, purple black, there are yellow.

Our country culture a wide, south of the Yangtze river basin and the most everywhere.

The flower of cross is cruciferous plant characteristics in cabbage and Chinese cabbage and a lot of vegetables is rape flower relatives

Rapeseed is the only thing that can plant all over the world of high oil content oil, is our country main oil crops and bee one of crops, the grain is system immersion oil as the material is one of the main varieties.

It is planted all over the country, which are divided into winter and spring two kinds of rape.

 The planting area accounts for forty percent of the total national oil crops above, the output of the national oil production of more than thirty percent, the highest in the world, oil thirty-five percent to fifty percent.

Third, cottonseed

Cottonseed is the seed of cotton, accounts for about sixty percent to sixty-two percent of the mass of lint.

The whole Cottonseed contains seed oil about fifteen percent to twenty percent, cotton kernel contains oil about twenty-eight percent to thirty-nine percent, and protein about thirty percent to forty percent.

Four, peanut

Originating in South America is a kind of important high oil content with shell soft oil.

Peanuts contain kernel rate is sixty-five percent to seventy-five percent, the kernel oil forty percent to fifty-one percent, protein twenty-five percent to thirty-one percent, is the most important lever content oil and protein is one of the resources.

There are a lot of way eating peanut, like spicy peanut, spicy peanut, sweet, salty and so on, taste available, very delicious, also can do eat snacks, than to eat the Fried snacks to our body has a lot of advantages.

Now the most popular peanut is a peanut series, and taste peanuts, cumin peanut series, are very delicious.

If say now of peanut products brand, also not many, in the supermarket often see is the Shandong mi le peanuts, six shall remain the sesame oil peanuts, granny peanuts and peanut mouth water baby series.


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