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Organic fertilizer industry development must achieve standardized management

Organic fertilizer market competition is intense, industry development must achieve standardized management




At present biological Organic Fertilizer Product Management is lack of standardization, the product standards should be strengthened. Our country has achieved registration management system to regulate it, there are still many unregistered enterprise products even counterfeit and shoddy products in the production, sales and disturbed the market order.
There are many dealers and manufacturers in the publicity, overstating the biological organic fertilizer effect, result in the farmers being deceived, so the relevant state departments need to strengthen the supervision and control efforts to improve product quality.
Recently, organic fertilizer market is "Unordered", so organic fertilizer market supervision problem is outstanding. But for the unit concerned, compared with inorganic fertilizer application amount, usage amount of organic fertilizer is small and the price is cheap.
In this case, it is easy to be ignored, quality complaints problems are not able to attach great importance, thus caused the organic fertilizer product quality problem " great or small", in the market supervision, appears the  "can relax and be relaxed" situation.
Some organic fertilizer production enterprises, said that the strength of the market regulation is an important means to maintain market order. Enterprise common sense that Guangdong, Zhejiang and other southern market is relatively standard, fertilizer product sampling inspection is very strict, including product enterprise production scale, production capacity, product batch record of all sampling survey which are very careful, strongly hitting the counterfeit and shoddy production enterprises, protect the normal production enterprise.
And in Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other northern market, confusion of market situation is obviously higher than that of the southern market, the phenomenons of " a superficial gallop " "collecting protection money " occur frequently when sampling inspection, and professional knowledge and quality level of supervision team need to further be improved.
The potential worry for market, enterprises who were interviewed agreed that the most fundamental reasons are is low organic fertilizer industry admittance threshold and too low organic fertilizer production standard. Some enterprises even pointed out that in the problem of commodity organic fertilizer industry access threshold, even no any threshold.
"Undefended " industry access makes some enterprises who have low production level and behindhand technology to participate in the competition, appears unavoidably unqualified products. And industry standard is too low, make organic fertilizer product quality be uneven.
Reporter in shandong province related departments to know, at present in the province registered amount of organic fertilizer enterprises is more than three hundred and sixty, the registered capital is different from five thousand yuan to one hundred million yuan, the annual production capacity is different from five thousand tons to one million tons, production level and productivity also has big differences.
To this, the relevant person in charge of the department said that due to the influence of traditional fertilization habit, commodity Organic Fertilizer Production Process differs in thousands ways, enterprise in material selection, manufacture with all kinds of way to be difficult to have unified definition, so industry admittance threshold and standards establish has certain difficulty.
Market turmoil that organic fertilizer is difficult to play its proper role, also is fifficult to make the national policy support be transformed into enterprise real competitiveness.
Review the development course of compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer, inevitably first undergo chaotic competition process, then gradually be seriously paid more attention, now compound (mixed) fertilizer has its own industry standards, organic fertilizer also should be established industry standards.
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