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Spring purchasing organic fertilizer announcements

Spring purchasing organic fertilizer what matters needing attention—


Organic Fertilizer Equipment Knowledge


Spring coming, in the countryside it is time to purchase organic fertilizer, today we will introduce in the process of purchasing organic fertilizer what matters requiring attention.
1. The total nutrient content of organic fertilizer and organic content. There are some inferior organic fertilizers in the market, general NPK total nutrient content can easily meet the requirements (as long as add a small amount of chemical fertilizer), but there are many differences for organic matter content.
2. Organic fertilizer is a kind of easy processing, production of fertilizer, so have some smaller enterprises department to produce in the manual mill, in this case, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of organic fertilizer, so should choose the products from normal companies.
3. Organic fertilizer in the outer package does not allow the organic content and NPK total nutrient content to add together.
How to progress microbial fertilizer effect?
Choose qualified quality microbial fertilizer: can't use the product that quality is low, with high content mixed bacteria or antiquated product.
When applying fertilizer, should try to reduce microbial death: bacterial manure should avoid direct sunlight, seed dressing should operate in the shade, after seed dressing should sowing in time, and immediately overlying soil. Bacterial manure does not mixed apply with harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers.
Create appropriate soil environment: acidic soil should be neutral with soil acidity. When earth is too dry, should be irrigate, after the heavy rain to promptly eliminate field ponding, should be improved soil, reasonable cultivation and progress of soil permeability. Should be pertinently supplement apply microbial for necessary mineral nutrition.
Adjust measures to local conditions to promote application of microbial fertilizer: rhizobium fertilizer increased obviously, can have a wide range of application on leguminous crops. For other microbial fertilizer, should explore the effect of different bacterial manure, application amount, gradually promotion of the application method.
Why watermelon seedling has not been grown up all the time?
① Seedbed temperature is low, especially soil temperature is low, not meet basic temperature requirements for watermelon root.
② Seedling bed soil is too glutinous, moisture content of the soil is high, in conditions of high humidity, poor ventilated issued the root problem, the absorption capacity of the root is poor, after field planting continuous rain, dire stark seedling will appear particularly.
③ Improper nutrition and soil preparation. Seedbeds or planting acupoint application without maturity or not fully mix organic fertilizer to cause the  burn root or apply too much fertilizer, or fertilizer effect on roots too near, higher soil solution concentrations to hurt root.
④ Poor seedling quality. When field planting the seedling stage is too long, root injury too much during field planting, or when soil preparation, field planting manipulation is crude, beats the roots, root did not have close contact with soil, effect rooting.
⑤ Underground pests damage the back roots of root system to severe injury or death.


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