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Buying compound fertilizer should understand the key elements content index

Buying compound fertilizer should understand the content index of key elements

This Compound Fertilizer Key Elements Content Index research is based on the characteristics that according to the citrus tree body on soil ecological environment and nutrition elements of the seasonal change in demand, all kinds of influence factors of reasonable adjustment supplement, overall considering the balance between nutrient elements, the coordination between the organic nutrients and inorganic nutrients, soil organisms and soil physical properties improvement, and puts forward the different factor combination treatment, three years positioning four times repeated test, in order to prove the best soil ecological environment suitable for citrus tree body growth and development.
Buying Compound fertilizer matters needing attention, compound fertilizer element content index.
1. The total nitrogen.
Nitrogen is one of three major necessary nutrient elements for plant growth.
The effect of nitrogen on plants: nitrogen is a major element of protein component, protein is the basic material of plasma cells.
Moderate amounts of nitrogen fertilizer can promote the formation of protein and chlorophyll, make leaf color become dark green, increase leaf area, promote carbon assimilation, which is beneficial to increase yield, quality improvement.
2. Effective phosphorus pentoxide.
Phosphorus is one of three major and necessary nutrient elements for plant growth, the phosphorus content in compound fertilizer is showed with effective phosphorus pentoxide content.
The effect of phosphorus on plants: phosphorus is indispensable element in forming the cell nucleus protein, lecithin and other matter. Phosphorus element can accelerate cell division, to speed up the growth of root system and the overground part, and to promote the flower bud differentiation, early maturity, improve fruit quality.
Application of phosphate fertilizer properly has a good effect on root development, can make full grain crops, increase root tuber, incease sugar and make gramineous crop points casualties increase.
3. Potassium oxide.
Potassium is one of the three major and necessary nutrients for plant growth, and potassium content in compound fertilizer is expressed with potassium oxide.
Effect of potassium on plant: effect of potassium nutrition can enhance the intensity of photosynthesis, promoting the formation of starch and sugar in crops, enhance the stress resistance and disease resistance of crops, can also increase crop on nitrogen uptake and utilization.
Amount of potassium fertilizer application, can make the plant difficult to beating down, increased drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance, and to promote flowering and fruiting, rich grain and full seed.
4. Chloride ion.
According to the GB15063-2001 《compound fertilizer (compound fertilizer) 》provisions about identification, if mass fraction of chloride ion concentration is greater than 3%, should be marked on the packaging "including chlorine". Some crops are not suitable for chlorine-containing fertilizer, if identity is unclear and the application of the fertilizer will affect crop growth, to the detriment of farmers ' interests.
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