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Wide Applications of Biomass Pellets

Wide Applications of Biomass Pellets


Biomass pellet mill machine can be used for civil heating fuel and life fuel. This kind of fuel has high efficiency and is easy to store. Biomass pellet fuel can be also used as main fuel for industrial boiler. It can replaces coal and solve environment pollution problem.

1.       The straw fuel or biofuel of biomass pellet mill machine uses corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shell, cob, cotton bar, soybean rod, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark and other solid wastes as raw materials. After crushing, pressing, increasing density and forming, they become small solid pellets fuel.

Biomass pellet fuel is made by using roller and ring die at the normal temperature conditions to press sawdust, straw raw materials. The density of the raw material is generally about 130 kg/m3. After forming, the particles density is more than 1100 kg/m3. Delivery and storage for biomass pellet fuel is very convenient and at the same time, its combustion performance is greatly improved.

2.       The technological process of biomass pellet mill is: collecting raw materials, crushing raw materials, pelletize raw materials and finally packaging and selling. According to different harvest crops, a large quantity of raw materials should be stored in time, then crushing and forming. When forming, pay attention that don't immediately pack into bags, but cool the pellets for forty minutes, then packing and transporting.

3.       Features of Straw pellet fuel: the pellet fuels after forming has small volume, large proportion, high combustion and it is easy to storage and transportation. Straw pellet fuel features: forming the pellet fuel, after more than major, small volume, high combustion, easy storage and transportation. After forming the volume is 1/30 ~ forty volume of raw materials and the proportion 10 ~ 15 times (density, 0.8-1.4) of raw materials. The calorific value can reach 3400 ~ 6000 calories. It is a high volatile phenol solid fuel.

4.       Applications of straw pellet fuel: the finished pellet fuel is a new type biological energy. It can replace wood, coal, oil, gas, etc. It is widely used for heating, life stove, hot water boiler, industrial furnace, biomass power plant, etc.


The Market of Biomass Pellet Fuel


At present, the small packaging retail price of wood pellets in American market is about 170 dollars/ton (2006 up to $280). In Sweden, the delivery price is $150 / ton (2006 up to $250). Domestic pellet fuel market at present is not perfect. In Guangdong province, the wholesale price of wood pellets is about 750-850 Yuan/ton (2006 is as high as 1100 Yuan/ton). While in Dalian, wholesale price of wood pellets is RMB 700-750 Yuan/ton. The wholesale price of crop straw pellets wholesale price is 430-600 Yuan/ton. In Beijing area, it is about RMB 650 yuan/ton.

The national development and reform commission straw briquette fuel development plan propose that by 2010, combined with solve rural basic energy needs and change the farming village energy use way, they will carry out the biomass pellet fuel construction and demonstration pellet fuel consumption of 5 million tons instead of 3 million tons coal.

By 2020, biomass pellet fuel will become a high quality fuel that can be commonly used. Annual consumption pellet fuel can reach 50 million tons instead of 30 million tons coal. Along with management of on energy and the environment, biomass pellet stove has been installed and used in the big cities high-grade villas or housing.

In the near future, this kind of convenient, energy saving and pollution-free green energy will become commodities in short supply appearing in the supermarkets or chains.



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