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Palm Stearin and Matters about Palm Oil

Palm Stearin and Matters about Palm Oil

Palm stearin is in palm oil freezing crystallization after points out of solid part. So is a by-product of oil palm liquid. Although points proposed stearic less (stearic and liquid ratio is about but five). However, in the international trade but it have the main status. Two thousand and three years of international trade, only Malaysia one country will export one point four eight million tons of palm stearin.

Palm stearin and palm oil physical properties are very different. Its melting point and iodine value range is wide. But, stearic characteristic range can be reduced, this point is very important. Many suppliers can accord certain sliding melting point and iodine value index to provide low hardness, medium hardness and high hardness of palm stearin.

For shortening, pastry with artificial cream and India artificial ghee and other products for, palm stearin is a good natural raw material. In the animal feed and oil chemical products, palm stearin is the best choice. It can also be used for part instead of sebum in the soap.

Palm kernel oil palm nuts from the making, its components and palm oil have very big difference. Its components and characteristics and coconut oil are very similar. Without refined crude oil is yellowish, can simply through the refining get bright color of palm kernel oil, not only suitable for the application in food are not suitable for application in food field.

Palm kernel oil’s fatty acid component melting point is in the range of twenty point nine to twenty and eight point one, iodine value of sixteen point two to nineteen point two. Fatty acids composition range is C6 - C20. Fatty acid type with laurel acid is given priority to, about forty and six percent to fifty and one percent of the total components.

Triglyceride components main triglyceride is C36 and C38, other less than ten percent. Environmental temperature in twenty and eight centigrade the following, palm kernel oil is half solid state. At low temperatures, solid content is higher, but temperature increased to thirty centigrade, solid content to drop quickly. With steep solid content curve of oil is very suitable for candy industry application.

All Sorts of Views of the Harmful of Palm Oil:

A.     Palm oil is a kind of fatty acid mixture, the melting point has moved to forty degrees of palm oil.

Note: involves forty degrees to melt into liquid palm oil), can only be used to make soap and cosmetics.

Melting point for twenty and four degrees can be used to fried instant noodles and make cakes; Melting point to twelve degrees can be used as edible vegetable oil.

But now the market is most likely to obtain the melting point for twenty and four degrees of palm oil.

Such a palm oil, saturated fatty acid content than lard is still high, ate between coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases.

B. Palm oil is the worst of the vegetable quality a, it contain trans fatty acids, long-term edible goes against human body health.

Palm oil saturated fatty acid content more than fifty percent, nutritional quality worse than lard. When the temperature lowers, it will and lard as a condensation of white solid. Long-term edible palm oil can cause human serum saturated fatty acid intake excessive, cause cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein increased, and cause disease of heart head blood-vessel. The instant noodles oil is palm oil, McDonald's, KFC use palm oil.

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