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Belt Conveyor Machine

Belt Conveyor Machine

Working principle of belt conveyor:
Belt conveyor is widely used in cement plant, mine, industry, agriculture and so on which is applicable to transport bulk density of less than 1.67 tons/cubic meters, easy to pull out powder, granular and small lump materials and bagged materials, such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer, food, etc.
Be transported material temperature is less than sixty . The machine length and assembly form according to customers' requirement, drive is available electric drum, also can use belt drive rack as drive device.
Belt conveyor structure in a variety of forms, slotted type belt machine, flat belt machine, climbing belt machine, heel belt machine, turning belt machine and so on many kinds of form.
Belt conveyor advantages are with large transportation amount, simple structure, easy maintenance, standardized components etc., which is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, etc, used for conveying loose materials or pieces articles.
According to the conveying process requirements, can be single unit delivery, but also many sets of composition or and other transport equipment composition level or inclined conveying system, to meet the different needs of the production line arrangement type.
The conveyor can be in environmental temperature - twenty to + and within the scope of the use, the temperature of the conveying material in fifty below.
Structure of belt conveyor:
1. Conveyor belt
Commonly used are rubber and plastic belts in two ways.
Rubber belt is suitable for working temperature between -15~40 ° c. Material temperature is not exceeding 50 ° c. Up conveying granular material inclination is 12 ° ~24 °. Steep angled conveying can use decorative pattern rubber belt which is available.
Plastic belt is resistant to oils, acids, alkalis and other advantages, but for poor climate with bad adaptability, easy to slip and aging. Bandwidth is the main technical parameters of belt conveyor.
2. Roller
Single-drum (belt on drum angle of 210 ° ~230 °), double drum (angle up to 350 °) and multiple-drum (for high power).  
There are many types such as groove shape roller, flat-shaped roller, self-aligning roller, impact idler. Groove shape roller (consisting of 2~5 rollers) supports load bearing branches, for conveying granular material; self-aligning roller to adjust the horizontal position, avoiding misalignment; impact idler is mounted on the receiving office, to reduce the impact of materials on belt.
3. Drums
Divided into drive drum and redirection drum. The drive drum is main part of passing power. Single-drum (belt on drum angle of 210 ° ~230 °), double drum (angle up to 350 °) and multiple-drum (for high power).
4. Tensioning device
Its role is to make conveyor belts to meet the necessary tension to avoid slipping on the drive roller and conveyor belt roller within the prescribed range of deflection.
Performance Characteristics:
Main characteristics of belt conveyor are that machine body can easily stretch, with storage warehouse, machine tail with the coal mining work area promoting to elongate or shorten, the structure is compact, don't set the foundation, directly laid on the roadway floor, frame is light and handy, dismantling is very convenient.
When the transport capacity and distance is bigger, can match intermediate driving device to meet the requirements. According to the conveying process requirements, can be single unit delivery, but also many unit synthetic horizontal or inclined transportation system to transport material.
The belt conveyor is consisting of conveyor belt, roller, drum and driving, braking, tension, redirection, loading, unloading, cleaning device and so on.
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