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The function of temperature in organic fertilizer production process

The functions of factors such as temperature in organic fertilizer production process is introduced.

The temperature is reflex for Organic Fertilizer Equipment composting system microbial flow, is important factors influencing microbial flow and composting process. Composting microbial decomposes organic matter and releases a quantity of heat, the heat makes compost temperature rising.
Organic fertilizer early fermentation, pile body is basic medium temperature, and mesophiles are active, a large number of breeding. They are in the process of using organic matter, some transfer into heat, pile body temperature rising, 1 ~ 2 d later the temperature can reach fifty to sixty .
At this temperature, the mesophiles growth by pressing, a large number of death, and thermophiles breeding in excited state. A large number of thermophiles reproductive and temperature of the remarkable progress, make the composting fermentation directly by the medium temperature in high temperature, and in high temperature range not disorderly a period of time. Just in this temperature range, the composting parasites and pathogens were killed.
Compost as a biological system, reaction temperatures are limited, temperature too high or too low will slow down reaction speed. Different kinds of microbial growth on temperature have different requirements. In General, most suitable temperature for thermophilic bacteria is 30~40, thermophilic bacteria ferment the most suitable temperature is 45~60. When composting, temperature exceeds 65 ° c will enter into the stages of sporulation, which is adverse to compost ' due to the spores does not flow, slows decomposition rate.
In addition, in this temperature range, the formation of Spore Germination and propagation of the possibility is very small, so high-temperature compost temperature is 45~60. Based on the above reasons, temperature control is essential in the composting process. In aerobic composting, temperature is to adjust by controlling the amount of steam.
Organic fertilizer wet granulation machine is from Henan Agricultural Machinery Institute for many years of organic fertilizer processing equipment design, production experience developed from the latest technology products, has received national utility model patents.
It is used for a variety of organic fermented granulation breakthrough in conventional organic granulation process, before granulation without drying the raw material, raw material directly after crushing as ingredients can be processed into spherical particles, which can save a lot of energy.
Output particles are spherical, the organic content can be as high as 100%, realize pure organics granulation, with the characteristics of organic matter particles under mutual inlaid grew up, without adding adhesive granulation. Particle knot, after granulation can be sieved to reduce drying energy consumption, the water content of raw material is 20% -40%.
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