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Soybean Oil and Olive Oil and Rapeseed Oil and Walnut Oil

Soybean Oil and Olive Oil and Rapeseed Oil and Walnut Oil

Soybean oil

Soybean oil is rich in lecithin and the unsaturated fatty acid, easy to digestion and absorption.

Function: Lecithin is known as one of the three major nutrients as protein, vitamin, it can enhance activity of brain cells. It also can help maintain the structure of the brain cells, slowing down memory loss, to strengthen baby's memory is a help to help.

And the unsaturated fatty acid can reduce cholesterol protect baby's blood circulation clear. But polyunsaturated fatty acids will also reduce the good cholesterol.

At high temperatures it is easy to produce lampblack and toxic substances. Therefore, in the edible time, we should master the correct operation method, pay attention to safety.

Soybean oil single unsaturated fatty acid is relatively low, which is about twenty percent.

Recommendation: soybean oil and olive oil alternate edible, can effectively supplement soybean oil in the shortage of the single unsaturated fatty acid.

Usage: put the wok heat into soybean oil, slightly after heat cooking.

Usage: daily total amount not more than twenty and five grams. Old friends with hyperlipidemia, obesity, diabetes should not eat more than twenty grams daily.

Storage means: low temperature or high temperature cooking but less than two hundred centigrade.

Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, minerals and vitamins. Olive oil contains unsaturated fatty acid can reduce low density cholesterol, won't hurt to human other useful components.

Olive oil is considered to be so far having found in oil is most suitable for human nutrition oil, and it has the very high nutritional value, of which the antioxidant components also can prevent many chronic diseases.

And because the olive oil in the production process not pass through any chemical processing, its natural nutrients to keep very intact, is good for baby food.

Usage: olive oil contains delicate fragrance, suitable for making salad. It also can use boiled vegetables, pour olive oil edible. Use a lot of olive oil in cooking, the oil temperature is not more than one hundred and ninety degrees Celsius, olive oil will not be affected.

Dosage: suggests every other day eating olive oil, daily total amount not more than thirty and five grams.

Rapeseed oil

The human body to rapeseed oil digestive absorption rate is higher, omega three content is higher, but part of the rapeseed oil contains relatively high erucic acid, influence its nutritional value. Recommendation: try to eat low erucic acid rapeseed oil (such as Canada rapeseed oil, etc.).

Usage: put the wok heat into rapeseed oil, and burn a period of time and let that part of erucic acid volatile off.

Dosage: daily total amount not more than twenty and five grams.

Walnut oil

Walnut is listed as one of the world's four major dried fruit, and it is famous for Samson food and rich nutrition of nuts the laudatory. Walnut oil not only high nutritional value, but also has distinguished brain effect and the health care function.


Walnut oil is rich in abundant phospholipids, and it is an important nutrient for brain. It has a lot of good to promote the baby's intellectual development, maintaining the nervous system function the normal operation.

It is rich in vitamin and unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin E and a variety of trace elements, extremely easy digestion and absorption and easy storage.

Walnut oil also contained squalene and polyphenols antioxidants such as, can promote the baby's growth and development, and maintain bone density. And can protect the skin, radiation, enhance immunity, for in infants and young children also have to balance metabolism, improve the effect of the digestive system.

Cook means: low temperature cooking or direct call

Storage mode: avoid light, and avoid be basked in the sun

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