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Proper Dog Food
Proper Dog Food
The dog has and we people are not the same nutritional needs, therefore we can eat non-human nutrient requirements for dogs of choice of food, but under the guidance of professional pet nutritionist or veterinarian for pet animals the scientific professional dog food.
Wide range of dog food, between various standards are different, is the distribution of the different species that broad principle to distinguish divided in accordance with the form of dog food.
According to the moisture content; divided in accordance with the physiological stage of dogs in accordance with the classification of the dog food manufacturing process; Dog food divided functions and purposes; divided in accordance with the content of nutrients; divided in accordance with the different types of dog types and using dogs, dog food that can kind of be considered glare. So much dog food we want for the dog to choose?
There are different categories of dog foods currently on the market, including dry dog food and natural dog food, dog food, dog food in cans, wet extruded concentrated powder form.
Extruded Digestible Dry Dog Food
In general our day by-day in often seen and talked about dog food comparison means dry material extruded dog food, is also a commodity type of dog food. Many nutrients raw materials were mixed, and then blown or extrusion and then after the step of drying dehydration, flavors produced dog is special feed, water branches crowd in General below balanced, long by 12%, as nutrition comprehensive food because of its durable, lined portable, affordable and is also easy to digest it and to absorb more and more accepted and appreciated, the characteristics of this type of dog food digestibility can be up to 70% left and right, its equipment can heat to reach 6.27-6.69KJ/kg, very rich in energy.
For this reason, this type of dog food has been deep introduction to the many family dog. Although today there is not to stroke are still many families feeding extruded dog food, but with the scientific and the keeping of dogs gradually expanded literacy and the birth of the endless stream of domestic dog food companies of the manufacturing sector, the scope of the extruded dog food, the price of dog food are increasingly streamlining products.
Such dog food, properties but also influenced by the specific industrial production, have a taste each flavor is not strong, and the preservatives must be added, mildew, antioxidants and high temperature puffing micro element causes varying degrees of destruction, during which finally to reduced nutritional value and other defects.
Wet Type Extruded Fresh Dog
The wet dog food, dog food, canned food we are often on the market to see, and some simple meat products. Main raw material of some of the meat, the kind of dog food is relatively fresh, can do strength, grains, fruits and vegetables, trace elements and other raw materials, is palatability load of food, food is now open to eat, so much better than the dried bloated class dog, digestion and absorption also higher than the dry extruded dog food the General digestibility up to 80%, and at the same time, pure meat canned food unit of energy is also higher, per kilogram of pure meat to 25.08KJ doses.
The disadvantage of this type of products, must be the higher cost of raw materials, so that the price of ready canned dog food, it is difficult to meet the food of adult animal. In addition to requirements easy to use this kind of dog food, after opening with food with corruption.
Dry extruded dog food and wet dog food in cans market share of the two largest dog food, but these two dog food is not long, the dog often a taste of dog food will become boring, and in summer choose canned hard to keep. So you should with some of the better options, such as the following introduction to the two types of dog food.
The concentrated powdered dog food in the country is still relatively rare, but in the United States was by many animal lovers have been accepted. Dog food concentrated dehydration, primarily through the mixing of fresh meat, a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fat at high temperatures and aging heat treated, made because this dog food after the extrusion



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