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Humic Acid Fertilizer

Humic acid fertilizer

Humic Acid Fertilizer is made use of peat, lignite, weathered coal etc as raw materials, using a variety of different methods to produce and gain plenty of humus and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements which needed for crop growth and development.


 1. Types of humic acid fertilizer
At present, In China, there are various humic acid fertilizer such as ammonium humate, nitro-ammonium humate, humic acid phosphorus, ammonium humate phosphorus, sodium Humate humic acid, humic acid , humic acid potassium of high-nitrogen ammonium.
Ammonium humate is a kind of humic acid fertilizer made from the ammonia or ammonium bicarbonate, dealed with lignite or peat and weathered coal. At present, the township locally produced for the direct oxidation process.
This method is the high humus content of weathered coal and peat, lignite, dry or dried, crushed destroyed, 40 hole mesh sieve, and add appropriate amount of ammonium bicarbonate.
Per 50kg peat or weathered coal powder with 20% content of humic acids by adding 4kg ammonium bicarbonate together into a container, then add the right amount of warm water (water temperature preferably in 50~60℃), wetted and mix the average humidity to mold into a floor for the right.
Mix well sealed and then ammoniated, when ammoniating it is best with mud sealing or using plastic sheeting covered up, to reduce the volatilization of ammonia, after 5 days will be able to use.
For different peat and weathered coal, the content of humic acids is different , the amount of ammonia can be calculated as follows: humic acid content in raw materials for each additional 5%, each more 1kg ammonium bicarbonate for 50kg raw material powder.
2. Humic acid fertilizer application method
Humic acid ammonium is mainly used as base fertilizer: When application as base fertilizer, in general broadcast over the ground, the amount varies depending on the content of humic acid in fertilizer.
Humic acid content is above 20%, available nitrogen content in 1%~1.5%, per-Mu 100~200kg; humic acid content is above 30%, available nitrogen content in above 2%, per acre amount used is 50~150kg.
Good quality humic acids and ammonium (humic acid and high available nitrogen, water-soluble is good) can also be as seed fertilizer and topdressing. The fertilizer application amount for 2%~5% of seed weight.
The method is soaking seeds with a small amount of clean water, then joined the ammonium fertilizer of humic acid powder. Also can be equipped with 0.001%~0.002% of soaking seeds with humic acid solution, soaking time of 12-24 hours.
When as topdressing fertilizer, should apply earlier, general distribution 3% of solution concentration, furrow fertilization or pocketing, then cover the soil and water in a timely manner.
May also be water application or irrigation application, based on the experience of humic acid fertilizer in Henan province, per acre amount 100kg (3% solution), with seedling water poured into, per Mu increase yield of 36.5%. In addition, can also be used as top dressing, matched 0.01% solution for foliar application.
Humic acid ammonium cannot completely replace farmyard fertilizers and fertilizer, it is necessary that farmyard manure and chemical fertilizer cooperate application, particularly in conjunction with available phosphate fertilizer, helpful for further phosphate activation, incease the phosphate fertilizer utilization.

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