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Charcoal Briquetting Machinery

Charcoal Briquetting Machinery


Charcoal machinery is to crush the raw materials like wood sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob, etc. into granular with the size within 10 mm. Then after drying and briquetting, semi-finished products are placed in the carbonization furnace to carbonize. Final product is called machine-made charcoal. The machine-made charcoal made by charcoal briquetting machinery has high density, small volume and flammability. It can replace fire wood and coal.



This product is especially suitable for heating in autumn and winter or as fuel in ordinary life. Charcoal machinery mainly includes crushing machine, drying machine, briquetting machine, carbonization furnace and other auxiliary equipment.

Production Process:

1.      Crushing. Use crushing machine to shred the raw materials into granules.

2.      Drying. Dry the crushed materials and pay attention to control the moisture content.

3.      Briquetting. Then use charcoal briquetting machine to form the materials into semi-finished charcoal briquettes.

4.      Carbonizing. Finally place the briquettes into carbon baking furnace. After cooling, it is called machine-made charcoal.

Purpose of Machine-made Charcoal:

1.      Machine-made charcoal can smelt and cast high quality non-ferrous metal and iron.

2.      It can be used as carburizing agent to improve steel parts surface hardness and wear resistance.

3.      It can be made into powder together with potassium nitrate and sulfur.

4.      It can be made into graphite. It can be used as solid lubricant, which is very important for rotational parts that cannot use lubricating oil (with graphite as sliding bearing). And it can also be graphite electrode.

5.      Machine-made charcoal is more widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, etc. after it is made into activate carbon. For example, it can be used in the purification of chemicals, purify water and air harmful material, do gas mask, etc.

6.      Machine-made charcoal made by maize straw and rice straw has iodine content 500 mg/g, which is very close to industrial activated carbon index, so it can be used for pollution control, which greatly reduces the cost.



Features of our charcoal briquetting machinery:

1.      This product is designed with reasonable structure and manufacturing quality is reliable. It has simple structure, convenient operation and small volume. It can also save time and electricity.

2.      The design of automatic control electric heating device can adjust the dry humidity of random material to ensure that the material forming stability and improve the work efficiency.

3.      The product’s mainly parts are made of the wear resistant material through special processing, so it can continuously pressing production and it is very durable.

4.      Charcoal Briquetting machinery is suitable for all kinds of biomass raw materials and it has advantages such as less energy consumption and high production efficiency.

5.      We have changed the old machine heart three bearing into four, which increases the machine stability and durability.

6.      We change old oil type lubrication for oil-immersed lubrication. As long as it doesn't lack of oil, it can be used for many years.

7.      Our charcoal briquetting machinery increases pitch increase charging rate, thus it greatly increases the production quantity.

8.      This machine improves the forming cylinder’s structure, reduces the friction force between machine and the raw materials, which increases the density of the charcoal briquettes.


Operation Attentions of Charcoal Briquetting Machinery

1. The device should be installed in the level of concrete basis and use the foot bolt to fix the machine.

2. When installation, we should pay attention to the main body of vertical and horizontal.

3. After installation, check each part of the bolt if it is loose. If it loose, please fasten.

4. Make sure power and control switch according to the power of the equipment.

5. After inspection, carry on no load test. If test is normal, the machine can be operated.


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