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What is the scientific feeding dog food?
What is the scientific feeding dog food?
Many dog owners with the direct purchase of bags are dry extruded dog food, direct-fed pets. This is a health and science to due to the dry extruded dog food nutrition dog food, nutrition, comprehensive and appropriate ratio of balanced nutrition at full price, easy to use, easy to use. The proper feeding method dog food and follow you the following aspects.
An individual selection tailored food
To dog varieties, species and physiological stages before select dog food clearly for pets, are mini dogs, small dogs or puppies adult dog or platform to the big dogs, big dogs, stage.
Different types and different physiological stages of the dog, components and procedures for feeding dog food is not created equal. Reference fed recommend another brand of dog food, according to the statement on the bags.
Varies per dog food nutrition provides nutrition indicators, such as the various energy, protein, fat are not entirely consistent. Because daily intake has a very scientific calculations therefore, dogs combine the breed of the dog and the in which physiological stage, then read the recommended quantity of feed by dog food packaging tape.
Secondly, the shaft can be fed wet feed.
Many pet owners always ask: "dry food dog food or feed is good again after the bubbles to" in fact, the two are no contradiction, can both solid food, drinking water, can also enjoy wet and then fed allowed to eat the food and water.
In General let pets eating kibble, set next to a pot of water, ready to go drink some water. Food rations in addition to other than the basic requirements of satiety can be solved, but also clear by the hardness of the extrusion, some cleaning effect on the oral any fouling in the mouth to reduce oral diseases.
However, in real life we have often seen the dog and we not imagine seems rational and interested too in clean water in the next be placed, and only if they drink thirsty, so we recommended, your pet drinking water, dog food in water soaked, to increase, soak but not too long, to avoid longer worsening corruption.
Unnecessary bubble is very soft and very sticky dog is taboo, some eat the more sticky teeth. This purpose is only to stroke, even dog food and water, to eat together, increase the amount of your pet drinking water. Some liquid into the "temptation material" in the dog food, such as meat and blood soup, yogurt, even mixing them, had swallow the dog together.
This dog can the level to increase food favorites, they solve the purpose of increasing pet drinking water, the best of both worlds. If the dog into adulthood, can no longer dog food in water perform soaked, to eat at that time, as long as the dog can provide at any time to clean drinking water.
Thirdly, the dog food should moderate the temperature.
The temperature of the dog food is very critical, and as soon as the control is not good, which causes the high temperature scald pet oral, a too low temperature will cause diarrhea pet gastro intestinal disorders, diarrhea.
We found that long term statistics 1 ~ ℃ 2, controlled the temperature higher than the temperature of the dog food is best at about 40 ℃, no matter how high the temperature, the pet caress pitting-resistant cause have oral burns. As the temperature is too low, especially in some of the keepers in the summer, to prevent deterioration of the dog food and stored in the refrigerator, so pets susceptible to diarrhea after fed directly to the animal. Therefore recommend we that pet owners wet dog bladder needs to be before feeding must decide, about 40 ℃ hot water, choose not the cold water
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