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Oil Press Machine

Oil Press Machine

Our automatic type oil press is advanced in oil processing machinery.

It is characterized by their characteristics like simple design, easy to use, wide suitability and continuous operation. And it is popular with high productivity and high oil output rate.

Moreover, they can be used for various raw materials, such as ground nuts, soybean, rape and cotton seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds, coconuts and cocoa and grass seeds and so on.


Firstly, this machine is the quite advanced one among all the processing machinery of our oil plants.

Secondly, it can be applied to the coconuts, olive, sunflower, soybean, cotton seeds, tee seeds, rice bran, flaxseeds, sesame, peanuts, rape, cocoa, etc.

Main Operation Troubles:

Oil press whether is used in the traditional, or is in the automatic use process, if there is the fault, it will be a very trouble thing. Well, for these oil press fault, how should we handle?

In actual use process of oil press, if there is the case of relief valve out of work, it may because the commonly oil sundry, those that made the steel and valve is not closed, or lead to the spring losing the flexibility and can't bear high pressure. It may be some questions like this.

In our actual repair process, the first thing to do is that inspect the operation situation of relief valve carefully, remove the object effectively and timely who destroyed the steel closing with valve, Or change the relief valve spring, then it will be better able to solve such a problem.

In actual use process of oil press, if the case that oil pump don’t absorb oil happens, the main reason basically is oil sundry blocked the mesh, as well as the oil of the fuel tank is not enough, this is the two kinds of basic reasons.

In the actual repair process, we need to do is that dismantle the filter screen and wash the oil sundry away, then filled the fuel tank with oil. This would be a very good solution to this problem.

In actual operating process of oil press, there is a lot of trouble lies. However, in the actual application, if pay more attention to its maintenance and preservation, it will reduce this situation arise.


A. It has multiple functions, including vacuum filtration system, automatic heating device and control system

B. Before pressing, some parts of the oil press such as the press chamber, press screw and press ring will be pre-heated.

C. During pressing, the press can filter the oil in due time.

D. The machine is matched with one controlling cabinet box for controlling all working of the machines.

E. Labor saving and electricity saving, high oil yield and performance.

F. Aesthetic appearance, highly structured, easy to installation.

The Related Matter before Starting:

Automatic oil press in actual operating process, if we do not pay attention to the related work before starting, to our actual operation is a great impact. The below is simple introduction I do for everybody, what are the related precautions for automatic oil before starting it.

Before boot the automatic oil press, the first thing we need to do is that we should clean the tank of the oil press in, and before operation we also should add sufficient hydraulic oil.

Before boot the automatic oil press, the other thing we need to do is that examining various components of the oil press to see if there is the situation that the bolt is loose, and seeing the lines of connection if correct. If appear abnormal case, revising is needed timely, lest appear unnecessary trouble.

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