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Suggestions for Operating Charcoal Briquetting Machinery

Four Suggestions for Operating Charcoal Briquetting Machinery


The first suggestion is that let the chimney be connected in series and emission the smoke continuing.


This method is very simple. It has little technological content and the cost is very low. If we use this method, we should take down the connection pipe between single pipe and public gas fuel in the beginning of carbonization period and in the end of carbonization stage in order to observe the change of smoke and gas.

This method does not reduce the total gas emissions, but because the emission height increases, so this method reduces the pollution impact to surroundings. It is adopted by many machine-made charcoal manufacturers.

The second suggestion is water logging.

 It refers to let the gas and smoke subside by the pool. It needs to build a pool near charcoal briquetting machinery. Then draw the gas and smoke from earth kiln and carbonization furnace into the bottom of the pool. In the process of smoke sinking into the end of water, wood tar and wood vinegar will freeze-up and sink into water due to the large specific heat of water and little wood gas will discharge from water. This method will reduce half quantity exhaust gas and smoke.

The principle of this method is condensation not dissolution. And the silt in the bottom of pool should be cleaned regularly. Therefore, this method has technological content.


The third method is condensation recovery.

This method needs higher investment, but it can recover wood tar and wood vinegar. This method need user purchase some equipment like condensing tower and knockout drum. For some charcoal briquetting factory, the cost is a little higher. But recovery is the developing trend of this industry. Taking production cost into consideration, this method is not the ideal way.


The fourth method is electrical operation panel.

The thickness of panel should be more than 2mm. The front of screw propeller in charcoal briquetting machine should be equipped with alloy electrode and alloyed powder.

The main elements of carbonization smoke are wood tar and wood gas. They both have inflammability. But because of the low-oxygen environment in the furnace, it is difficult to fire. If we ignite them smoke pipe hole by fuel, the pollution level will be greatly reduced. But this method is limited by weather and it has hidden danger of fire.

Expect for above four suggestions, drawing the smoke and gas into the combustion chamber of drying machine as the drying fuel is also a better solution. It changes waste materials into things of value.



In conclusion, everything has two sides. Charcoal briquetting machine makes full use of waste materials, but it will also produce some exhaust gas and cause air pollution.


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