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Production Method about All Kinds of Oil

Production Method about All Kinds of Oil

Red Oil

A lot of people are to use salad oil boil red oil, but we use rapeseed oil, boil out red oil fragrance special thick, and boil system of a vegetable-based main course in the process of three times the pot.

Specific boil system measures:

twenty and five kilograms rapeseed oil burning to eighty percent heat away from the fire cool to sixty percent heat (must to be burned to eighty percent heat and then cool, if direct burn to sixty percent hot rapeseed oil will have source taste).

Put five hundred grams of ginger, five hundred grams of onion from fire immersion Fried fish out twenty minutes, add thirty grams of spices (aniseed, galangal, cassia each ten grams, the pot before in the clear water to soak one hour, can better out sweet, still can remove the taste of bitter) small fire boil to seventy percent hot.

And then down into three times of a vegetable-based main course (the first two thousand grams, away from the fire immersion fried to oil temperature drop to fifty percent heat and add one thousand and five hundred grams, mix well, away from the fire immersion fried six minutes fragrance has the enough, again one thousand and five hundred grams, mix well, continue to away from the fire).

After waiting for oil temperature drop to twenty percent hot nowadays thirty grams of raw white sesame, mix well out of the pot in the ventilation shade quiet place two days can use.


Of a vegetable-based main course must separate the pot, the first time for the fragrance, the second and the third is to color, do out of the red oil color red, fragrance thick.

And the best to quiet place two days use effect is good, can give full play to the red oil fragrance and color and lustre.

This red oil is commonly used to do cold dishes, mix surface.

Salted Egg Butter

Salted egg yellow fragrance thick, golden color, suitable for vegetarian dishes, stewed food, both taste and toning, also can be used in the making of crab roe type of food, such as crab roe tofu.

Specific production methods:

Five hundred gram shredded ginger, one hundred grams of garlic silk, one hundred and fifty grams of big shredded green onion down to burn to fifty percent hot two thousand and five hundred grams of salad oil, small fire light fried five to six minutes to go out sweet bails out.

five gram cooked marinated egg yellow (made of mud), small fire slowly fry for about twenty minutes until golden yellow color (must use fire small, so it out fragrance, color and lustre is very good, if use fire to egg yolk coke), fragrance four excessive, away from the fire skim floating foam, in a cool, ventilated place placed just one day.

Bubble Pepper Oil

This oil is to use new salad oil boil, because the request color red, fry over things salad oil the result is bad. The oil bubble pepper taste strong, color and lustre is red, do bubble pepper class, fish sweet kind of dishes effect is very good.

Specific production methods:

Ten kilogram salad oil burning to forty percent hot, one thousand and five hundred grams of bubble pepper paste, small fire stir-fry, five hundred grams of onion, ginger, four hundred grams three hundred grams of garlic, small fire stir-fry, to oil the fisheye vesicle nowadays one hundred and five grams of parsley terrier, small fire fried five minutes or so, away from the fire, static buy just one day.

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