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Problems existing behind the development of organic fertilizer equipment market

A lot of problems exist behind the development of Organic Fertilizer Equipment Market

Standard is the basis of enterprise organization of production and business operation, is foundation for the enterprise carrying out scientific management.
But in recent years, in the market supervision and inspection found that individual compound fertilizer production enterprise is not in strict accordance with the standard production, management, improve product quality, but with standard as a signboard to escape quality supervision, the production of unqualified chemical fertilizer, and even fake chemical fertilizer.
This is the new trend of current chemical fertilizer quality problem, is worth paying more attention.
1. Enhancing the organic fertilizer product quality.
At present, in the market  there is numerous organic fertilizer product, the type is various, but the quality of the products, the good and bad are intermingled, the use of geographic effect is different, some fertilizer not only can not play the role of increasing production, can also destroy the status quo of soil, so to improve organic fertilizer product quality should be solved urgently or enhanced.
2. Improving the awareness to the organic fertilizer product.
In rural areas, many people can not accurately distinguish between biological organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, the lack of knowledge to biological organic fertilizer, also cannot reasonable use of biological organic fertilizer.
We need to make greater efforts to incease the publicity dynamics, to improve the awareness of biological organic fertilizer, play a good solid mass base for its popularization development.
3. Making considerable efforts to enhance the new type of organic compound fertilizer product research and development.
In recent years, our country in microbial fertilizer of basic research and applied research which have made some achievements, but there is gap to the production actually, in the hinder the progress of application effect factor need to be improved breakthrough, we need to inherit and increase the research and development dynamics, inheritance progress biological organic fertilizer application effect.
4. Carrying through the normalized organic fertilizer product management.
The current domestic situation of organic manure product quality is existing standard scale, many products are multifarious, even some enterprise did not register, with side effect for product management and quality improvement. At the same time, for exaggerated product choose, our country also should come on the policy to supervise.
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