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"low-carbon" Dog Food
Road dog food also began a "low-carbon"
There are also the ideal goal of high-quality dog food with the requirements of the global low-carbon process, the science of dog food for the dog and to reduce pollution, which encourages low-carbon. Increasingly tense today's global resources, agricultural, deteriorating environment, dog science such as the balanced and effective design for the dog food raw materials, reduce dog waste of resources is a new theme in the design of dog food raw recipe.
This requires constantly reinforced the role of microorganisms in the natural ecological system to improve the practical techniques of manufacturing and application of Chinese herbal medicine in dog food recipe to improve in order to comply with the laws of the pet food, according to the ideal protein, to increase the amount of digestible amino acids designed to different dog breed, sex, physiological age of the dog food recipe dog food nutrient supply precisely balanced dog healthy to take, Improve immunity and carbon-dioxide emissions, and choose more natural cereals are organic plant material, organic trace minerals, meat, dog food shaped like low carbon nutritional additives reduce the dog's own pollution and to improve the resilience of the body against diseases of the dog and finally achieve harmony between humans and animals.

According to a global low-carbon development in the design of low-carbon form of dog food recipe, dog, such as emissions of carbon dioxide, as well as critical issues facing a global shortage of agricultural resources, the dog food recipe design from the "low-carbon eco requires reduce nutrition"perspective, and effective measures, low-carbon dog on pet food based perspective intervene on environmental ecology to choose as much as possible, the ideal amino acid design dog food recipe to find the dog required nutritional standards to achieve precisely balanced nutrition, reduce excessive nutrients such as amino acids, fat in the feed dog and waste, toxic and harmful emissions, expected that the dog for carbon dioxide emissions, both in the situation, the nutritional needs of the dog meet to reduce and can clean up the environment and the purpose of the reduction of pollution.
The nutritional requirements of the dog foods gradually crude protein digestible amino acids transition does not affect dog survive normal growth and development under the premise that the use of synthetic amino acid, providing a low-protein, low-fat, Valley of dog food amino acid balance. Each 2% to 3% of the protein, which can dog effectively in reducing the toxic and harmful gases from 20% to 50%, depending on the current dog food recipe requires nutrition indicators scientific protein, higher levels of the amino acid lowered balance.
In addition to the natural grain meat, the proportion of organic plant material, the use of organic trace gases, to improve the achievement of the dog food. 'Low carbon' requirements is one of the most effective measures, which in the past, dog food, usually on the basis of inorganic raw materials instructed, as these raw materials of dog body is subject to the limit of solubility and permeability, so that the dog inefficient digestion and utilization, as well as by the dog food, pH, protein, fat, vitamins, and many other factors, is the use of far far less than the theoretical value.
Use the digestion of organic materials worth far more than the inorganic raw materials, select organic plant material and organic trace gases in the dog food recipe replace inorganic raw materials, reduce to add the share of these elements in the dog food, can greatly reduce the dog trace precipitation for the environment caused by pollution.
And more and more experiments prove the nutritional value in the use of organic trace gases usually higher than that of inorganic trace elements, amino acids as organic trace elements in low-carbon dog food to improve raw materials as much as possible, chelate, amino acid chelate not only can its use by the dog, can also "alone" in the animal body a special role to play dog coat shiny, to enhance immunity dogs immense role.
The dedicated dog food enzyme preparations as a new type of dog food raw materials, more dog food manufacturing companies increasingly favors. Special dog food enzyme a biological catalytic function of biological macromolecules, it in the body of the dog's machine is present, are a variety of biochemical reactions in the body almost always under the catalytic activity of the enzyme so that the enzyme both activities in the life of the product is a dog, but also a sine qua non of the pet life activities.
Special dog food enzyme can break down the nutritional factors in the dog food raw materials, can endogenous enzymatic degradation not dog these dietary factors, exactly you are the physiological with the normal metabolism of the dog, indigestion, diarrhea, and dog food mix a special enzyme for the loss of this part, to improve the ability of the dog's digestion. 
 Dog food enzymes dog food can load, starch, protein, minerals for improving dog food often surrounded reduce starch, protein, fiber-rich substances dog of digestion and to advance the degree of decomposition of a kind of protein, strength, better digestion and recycling of pet dog promote recovery, the role of the special enzyme. Most valuable dog food special enzyme recycling of nutrients by increasing dog dog food, an appropriate reduction of the number of fecal emissions General dog eating special enzyme added to dog food dog food, faeces General emissions approximately 20%. Greatly reduce the damage to the environment and pollution, so that the dog food on a true sense of "low-carbon eco road start.
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