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Improvement Measures about Oil Press

Improvement Measures about Oil Press

Oil press means with the help of external mechanical forces role, will oil from the oil out of the extrusion machine.

At present, oil machine is divided into multiple series on the market, they are as follows:

Such as pressing tried one fried feeder series, refining machine series, auxiliary equipment series, economical oil machine series, filter oil machine, large refined oil production line series, rapeseed screening shaker, winding machine, filling machine, portable centrifugal oil refining machine and so on.

Then we use in oil unit and heavy what aspects to improve?

First, we add press series, the technical expert group for oil press core components host for technical research.

Squeeze bore using multistage propulsion, the gradual pressure new process principle, increase press series, from the original level three and level four press, generation upgrading to a category five, six, seven, very press, improve yield efficiency three percent to five percent, production efficiency obviously, economic efficiency.

Second, the need to increase the squeeze bore diameter and length, adjust pitch, increasing pressing chamber pressure point, and to further improve the production capacity.

Third, still need to add pressing chamber guide groove, in order to avoid extrusion oil back again in the dry cake slag, in the device squeeze interior set a guide groove, make the oil and the bread rapid separation and improve the yield efficiency.

Fourth, add built-in infrared heating system, we can according to the oil varieties of temperature's different demands, and can customize the best press temperature, in order to meet the best press condition, at last achieve the best out of oil efficiency.

The pursuit of excellence is the enterprise, individual in advance, in the process of growth has power.

In today's high-speed development of the society, whether it is in business or personal only with continuously enterprising, all of us have the courage to fight spirit, can only in the intense and complicated social competition place.

As oil press industry leading army we since the establishment of the initial has been taking a positive and courage for struggle spirit.

In twenty and twelve, we also will this spirit through the end of oil machine components and systems for a comprehensive upgrade. After the upgrade of the oil press but also win the majority of users’ heart, and have gave a thumb up.

China's vast territory and abundant resources also gestates ten more than population, so large population in food needs than other countries more than many times.

Cooking oil is every family, everyone cannot be separated from the, no matter whether you cook a meal, your daily more or less will be connected with cooking oil.

Such a huge oil group, there is no doubt that it has led to the rapid development of oil industry. We in line with create benefit, public service, the contribution of the national mentality.

Became the first to introduce and independent production and operation oil processing equipment is one of the enterprise, creating a national famous oil press brand, and constantly using advanced technology to oil press on the properties of ascension.

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