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Animal Nutritionist
Work requirements
The standard used by the primary progressive animal nutritionist, animal nutritionist middle and upper requirements for pet nutritionist of high level and low level of requirements coverage skills.
3.1 primary animal nutritionist
Professional operating skills of content work require knowledge
Food for pets, pet collection of information and the analysis of foods (a) collection of information. Judgment of different brands of food, of the variety for pets, the quality.
2 Being able to understand and master the basic characteristics of the information animals to master basic knowledge of nutrition for pets.
(B) the knowledge of a pet food to select. Be able to recommend different knowledge about pet food
2. Select the information and recommendations appearing simple food to caress the different physiological stages
Pet design formulation of food and technical proposal (a) the identification of raw materials. Understanding the ingredients category various foods for animals, distribution, quality, quality, and other related issues.
To find the most suitable raw material. Based on the supply of the market and demand, be the basis of the report of a basic understanding of food ingredients for pet market.
2 Peter design recipe food knowledge of the underlying technology.
(B) the interpretation of the formula and the design of materials. Recipe for correct interpretation
2 on the basis of the recipe to make changes and adjustments, and the basis of common sense of animal feed formulations for best results.
Identification of the dog food, pet food product identification and evaluation of quality (a) be able to identify different varieties of dog food brands.
Able to identify the quality of the made in China food for dogs, dog food imports
The error rate does not exceed 40% of the required standards, a major pet
Brand food products and quality standards.
2 Major Peter
Methods for identification of the quality of the food brands.
3 varieties of the main varieties of brands of food for pets and to quality standards.
(B) the identification of the cat food can identify different varieties of brand cat food
2 can identify the domestic cat food, quality imports cat food.
The error rate does not exceed the standard prescribed by 40 %
(3) the identification of the snack product can identify the species and quality of various types of samples, the error rate does not exceed 40% of the standards required.
Fourthly, security, storage, and transport of food for pets (a) security to understand the production of the safety of food for domestic animals, for occupational health and safety basics of hygiene and pet food safety.
(B) Transport scientific selection of the means of transport, to transport security, quality, life, paid security leak. Pets transport processes in the quality of the product and regional characteristics.
3.2 intermediate animal nutritionist

Professional operating skills of content work require knowledge
The collection of food market information and analysis (a) the placing on the market of pet food pet 1 collection of information. Operated by the pet food market information by radio, television, newspapers and other acquisition channels.
2 Knowledge base of information on the market of animal feed and market research can be collected from the manufacturers of pet food company
(B) the pet food market. Being able to analyze all kinds of brands of pet food, functional requirements
3. The knowledge of the market of pet food institutions, all sorts of varieties of analysis of nutritional needs. Forecasting and decision-making of
Pet food brand understanding and common sense
Orientation second, design and the formulation of feed technical company (a) understand the basis of identification of raw materials. The various ingredients of food for animals, category, price, quality, quality
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