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SINO-SHON Charcoal Briquetting Machinery

SINO-SHON Charcoal Briquetting Machinery


With the rapid development of national economy, the demand of charcoal is becoming larger and larger. According to the estimates from experts, the demand of charcoal only in chemical industry and metallurgy industry has reach 6 million per year and charcoal demand in food industry is about 5 million ton. Therefore, charcoal briquetting machinery is popular among investment.


Charcoal briquetting machine, also called charcoal forming machine, is an essential equipment to make machine-made charcoal. It can briquette waste materials with moisture content less than 12% such as bamboo, peanut shell, straw, saw dust, etc. into solid charcoal briquettes with hole in center at high temperature and high pressure without adding into any additives.


Machine Principle:

Charcoal briquetting machine is also called charcoal forming machine. It is used for processing sawdust, straw, rice hull, etc. waste materials. It belongs to the energy recycling equipment. The raw material can be pressed into briquettes after high temperature and high pressure in a short time. So finished charcoal briquettes have large in the burning and it doesn’t have pollution. The finished briquettes can be round, or square, etc. with diameter between 30 and 100 mm. Then semi-finished briquettes can be kept in the carbonization or earth kiln to be carbonized.


Machine-made charcoal briquette uses sawdust, crop straw, corn stalk, big haulm, sorghum stalk, cotton stalk, rape stalk, peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), chaff, grass, shrubs branch, bamboo frustum, bamboo chips, bagasse as raw materials, the use of charcoal briquetting equipment high temperature extrusion and become. The product has large density, small volume, flammability, alternative fire wood and coal.


Generally, product outside diameter is 50-60 mm, aperture of 15-20 mm, the hollow four or six Angle form. It also can be made into spherical, particle shape, honeycomb briquette form. This product is especially suitable for northern area burning heating in autumn and winter, rising canopy temperature or using as ordinary life fuel.



1.      Drying

The quality of charcoal not only depends on equipment and technology, but also depends on the raw material’s moisture content. The general requirement of raw material is less than 12% moisture content, but also it should more than 6%.

When drying materials, we should place the material with higher moisture content in the cool place for 1-2 days to make the surface moisture evaporate. Then, we can place qualified raw material into the hot wind in the drier drying to water content is less than 12% of the dry raw material, drying temperature general for 200 or so. If air basks in the sun for a long time or a strong case for air, we do not need the drying machine.


2.      Briquetting

Raw material briquetting is to use the molding machine (or called charcoal briquetting machine). In order to guarantee carbon pay great density, surface smooth, no obvious crack. We can choose appropriate mold temperature according to the raw material type and moisture content. Its discretion should through field experiment to determine. Generally speaking, if we assume that spiral propeller is qualified, and raw material moisture content in 6 to 12%, then we can put wood shavings, wood sawdust, wood shavings and bamboo qualitative material forming final temperature control at 180 ~ 320 between.


3.      Carbonizing

At first, the temperature of the furnace will gradually rise to 160. In this period, the moisture of briquettes will evaporate by heating outside and the chemical components of charcoal briquettes almost do not change. When the temperature rise between 160 and 280 , wood material will have Thermal decomposition reaction and the components will change with the change of temperature. Finally, the temperature will rise between 280 and 400 . In this stage, wood material will decompose into acetic acid, methanol and oil tar, etc.


If you want to make high-temperature charcoal, except the above three periods, the temperature inside carbonization furnace has to rise in order to discharge the volatile substances in the charcoal and increase the carbon content in the charcoal briquettes.


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