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Pursuit of Superb Technology

Pursuit of Superb Technology

In the process of the social sustainable development, whether individual or enterprise if we satisfy the current situation and do not move ahead, we will gradually is behind the development of The Times, and finally we will be sifted out from social selection.

SINO-SHON oil press although has become the national department of agriculture extension products, but it is not proud of them, still with low key posture, persistence for technical innovation and research.

SINO-SHON newly oil expeller in the original equipment and based on the multiple technology upgrades, and improve overall performance of the oil press.

SINO-SHON oil press of the original equipment press series for level three and level four, in oil press industry has been in a leading position.

automatic oil machine

But SINO-SHON oil press adhering to the excelsior scientific research spirit, several technical experts and to oil press the core component of technical innovation, will press series promoted category five, six, seven, tem, will yield efficiency increased by three percent to five percent.

SINO-SHON oil press in pressing bore diameter is also on the increase, increased the oil capacity and improves the production capacity.

In the technical reform, SINO-SHON oil mill add the new squeeze chamber guide groove, let cake and oil can quickly separation.

In order to further improve the yield efficiency, the SINO-SHON oil press continuance the built-in infrared heating system, and it can be set according to oil for the best temperature.

Reducer gear in oil machine is a very important part of it, it is related to the life of the oil press and press cost, and the traditional oil mill uses is spur gear its energy consumption high, it often need large power configuration, so it increases the press cost.

But SINO-SHON oil mill is helical gear reduction box, reduces energy consumption, saving electricity, increases the parts wear resistance and prolong the life of oil and reduce the for replacement oil press and produce cost.

People all know that buy a new car for a period of time to adjust, oil mill also need running-in to put its input to the normal production.

The traditional oil presses the break-in process anomaly of complex trial, and operation difficult, if we cannot master, it is prone to failure.

This is mainly because the traditional oil press parts by press processing, processing surface is rough.

And SINO-SHON oil press just simple try pressing for production operation, this is because it uses advanced broaching machine equipment, its machining precision and smooth finish is improved greatly.

Gains by modesty is the minister of the two words, though short, but the modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind the accurate summary, SINO-SHON oil press will be among them meaning perfect applied to developing.

Believe that, in the future development of SINO-SHON oil press continues to tireless attitude to pursue higher technology, the more intelligent oil.

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