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Corn of basal and top dressing fertilizer application considerations

Corn of basal and top dressing fertilizer application considerations


In the whole reproductive period of maize, required for each grain of formation 100kg pure N2.57kg,P2O5 fat 0.86kg,K2O fat 2.14kg absorbed, equivalent to use of Ammonium bicarbonate 14.5 kg or 5.51 kilograms of urea, diammonium 3.63 kg, 4.09 kilograms of potassium chloride.
Relationship between fertilizer application and yield are not simple multiples, you also need to take into account factors such as soil nutrient availability. To farmer friends easy, labor saving, save money, in corn seed or seedling aodefu intellectual film slow-release fertilizer fertilizers acres with 40-50 kg of 26-10--9 or 25--8--12.
1. Basic fertilizer
Such as manure, compost, soil mixed fertilizer and straw organic fertilizers, General 70% of the total fertilizer around.
Most of the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be combined with the basic fertilizer applied. Basic fertilizer of spring maize best is in the first year of combined application of autumn ploughing, loose soil can be applied before the spring part.
Manure should be mixed with the soil, the amount of small seed fertilizer furrow fertilization. Manure in front of summer maize crop harvest combined with no-tillage after applied. Organic fertilizer, phosphate, potash and a small amount of nitrogen available for manure application.
2. Top dressing
Top dressing is an important measure of high-yielding cultivation in maize. Fertilizer using organic fertilizers or fertilizer.
Especially good to fast-acting fertilizer effect. Forced fat first and foremost attacks spike to ensure particles much larger spike, followed by tapping grain, grain full guarantee. Because of a longer growth period of spring maize, organic fertilizer in cultivated land in fall or spring applied manure.
After a winter and spring break down easily for the absorption and utilization of maize seedlings, guarantee that seedling nutrient supply. According to the information in Anhui Province, spring maize generally yield of 500 grams, require application of farmyard manure 2,500 kilograms per cent, 25 kilograms of urea-32. 5 kilograms, 30 kilograms to 50 kilograms of phosphate fertilizer, potash 15 kilograms to 20 kilograms.
Higher yield fertilizer also increases accordingly. Because of a longer growth period of spring maize, seedling growth, nutrient absorption less, so spring maize fertilizer use "after the former light heavy" fertilization methods. The corn jointing l/3 of applied fertilizer in early, heading applied two-thirds 10-15 days before spin silk to meet female ear of corn, flower differentiation of spikelet and grain formation stage on nutrient needs.
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