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How to raise a pet for new keepers
There has never been a year of the dog, like this year, the dogs were so acclaimed. Dog walked across the country are hot, people are more happy is became owner of a dog. After fresh and excited when the first life in the face of this weakness, you necessarily rush of confusion, even a trace of disappointment - and why he did not stop crying? Is nose, diarrhea and the issues it? How can we let go of excretion in the correct location? The following tips can help you successfully completed.

You have purchased a puppy should be a complete physical examination, identify problems and treatment in a timely manner to the veterinary hospital. In the kind of infectious diseases hospital environment, do not allow the puppy to walk casually, it should have been in his arms. If a medical examination to prove that everything is normal, it can be observed for 10 days after vaccination. If your puppy evil spirit, the eyes dry hair from nose, nose, abnormal secretions, or diarrhoea and vomiting, should immediately begin treatment.

The puppy is not complete vaccine do not go out, can not take a bath. Much puppy master washed carefully with meat or milk to play a pass Meng Hey, I like this non-scientist sometimes mess up the low life.

Food and beverage

Puppies capacity low to digest food, it is both the temptation and danger. The liver of animals, poultry bones, chocolate, onions and onion, the dog killer. The owner must give the puppy a quality puppy food. Dog food professional nutritionally balanced, easy to digest food.

The puppies eat must have a principle of "Shaoshiduocan", four times a day, each time that the amount cannot be too. An egg yolk per day to contribute to the growth of the puppies. In addition, under the direction of a special animal veterinarian, it provides calcium.

Drinking water must be available to any cold water at home is the most appropriate for the puppy. The meals of the sunset, and it give, own row urinate.


Initially, the dog will choose a place in the home urine stained old paper, urinating at the point, shop in the place of their choice. The dog is very happy in their choice, their own odor repeatedly defecation. Gradually the log whenever the Norway let dogs form find awareness defecation journal, finally moved the defecation log location you choose for it.

Suddenly, arc, sniffer nose nervously in a circle often report to defecation. When the dog is awake, eat and play, and usually have to excretion. Then it choose the right to a place to relax for defecation. The dogs in the right place after a bowel movement should reward, if you see it in the excretion wrong immediately Cree place, after the punishment is ineffective.

Defecation Sentinel training puppies, must be full of patience. Unpleasant attitude can be scary puppies and confusion, adversely affect the training effect. After removal of the dog in the great outdoors, the owner should be quickly and completely clean.


Days puppies sleep with more than a dozen hours of sleep, it cannot disturb him. Lack of sleep can seriously affect the development of the puppies.

The bed of the old dog must be hot, clean, Soft Pad dry clothing, clothing has the smell of the family cause the dog to become familiar with the master was the master as to accompany the side, you can sleep in peace.

The first few days, the puppy can not accustomed to this new environment and to cry gently can stop him, but do not hear a sound of crying you touch, this proud unduly on the master, you can block a large towel to cover the dog nest, these time crying will get a response, or you can leave slowly quiet. A watch ticking can also be wrapped in a blanket, put the dog on the bed, mother puppies as heart rate and relax. You can also dog on a master want familiar things puppies, for example, the bedding in the kennel. The dog can be placed where can see the owner of a dog at rest without disturbing the other.


As social animals, dogs must be a complete and enjoyable experience, our friends the dogs grow if stable, faster and better integrate into the community of nations. Live occlusion environment nervous dogs in general to the outside world, and attack me fear
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