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Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Shop Dust Interception Solution


Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Shop Dust Interception Solution
Whether in the production of organic fertilizers, or production of organic fertilizer equipment, the workshop will inevitably generate dust. We know that serious or excessive dust will make many security risks, so be sure to deal with it well.
Capturing dust generated, take measures of dustfall. If source precautions do bad, or not getting the expected results because of their own coal bed geological reasons, must take effective measures to rush at dust. The main measures must be taken such as "surround, block up, intercept”.
1. “Surround”, the main measures are to collect coal dust or other dust in the production processes and then centralize eradication. This method is applicable to the production processes and place with a large amount of dust. The negative pressure precipitator from shearer (drum air dryer to side back from a dust collector, centralized coal dust suppressant), fan water jet tunnel face. 
2. “Blocking”, when the dust is about to produce or just produce dust, such as the stope face main production dust process is dust off the coal from shearer. When shearer cutting coal, the effective use of inner spraying, the rational use of outer spraying, to prevent the spread of dust.
3. “Intercept”, in each airway, water purification developed the more stringent requirements of the controller of dust on the first two water curtain, curtain covering the stretch of road, to capture the dust flying airstream, because the size of dust particles flying low capture fix, which requires:
(1) The pressure of water must be high.
(2) Fog particles ejected is moderate, the fog particle is too large, the short stay in the air, quickly fall to the ground, difficult to float dust, evaporates quickly too small.
(3) Mist particles need have a higher speed, according to the ventilation of the tunnel section of screen form of water design, dust and fog particles, a collision at high speed have a major impact, because dust is oily.
(4) The direction of the spray, should opposite to the direction of dust as soon as possible.  
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