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The Maintenance of Automatic Oil Machine

The Maintenance of Automatic Oil Machine

Oil machine is dedicated to the oil, more and more people are now using automatic oil press, it is more convenient than the previous oil press in the side of use.

Previous oil press is handmade, so use it very arduous, and the production efficiency is very low. But the present fully automatic oil press is all done by machines.

In the use of automatic oil press before to see its specification, clear how to use, then our operation won't have a problem.

In the use of automatic oil machine to check its parts of the screw situation, isn't it good, do you have any position of the screw is loose.

In the stop automatic oil press former don't will inside put material, and then into a small amount of bread crumbs, to squeeze interior excess material row do, the cake mouth no longer out bread can stop.

Stop after adjusting screw clockwise spin out one to three rings, in power off.

Automatic oil machine maintenance is also very important, common in the useless automatic oil press, to check the position of the lubrication have no dust and impurities into the inside, then you will have to think of a way to clean it.

Not only to clean the machine interior surface and the surface of the cleaning machine, in order to avoid in the machine surface rust occurs.

If you put oil press time will be very long words to oil press an all the maintenance to take out after use it can't use.

If oil mill production greatly reduce the number of words, must be oil press inside components appeared problem, check is where the problem, to replace worn parts.


Suggestions, family oil, it is best to the first, second and third rotation to eat, thus realize the different oil cooperation.

As for saturated fatty acid is too high in the fourth kind of oil, in addition to exercise a lot of people, but did not suggest that regular consumption.

The fifth class grease is recommended in the breakfast, cooperate vegetable salad or steamed bread slice, toast and edible, to improve the breakfast nutrition balance.

Some requirements about the oil press:

Teach you a variety of oil health to teach you how to eat a variety of oil health how to eat

Means with the help of external mechanical forces role, will oil from the oil out of the extrusion machine. Domestic oil press from large industrial machinery into household appliances must achieve the following standards:

A. volume and use rise very convenient, with operating home other electrical appliances as concisely conveniently.

B. Safe, reliable, and without any quality hidden trouble.

C. Low noise, to adapt the living environment need.

D. The food is safe, and food contact components shall be made internationally recognized food grade material

E. The oil efficiency should be high, compatible peanut, sesame seed, walnut and commonly used and health oil

F. Oil remaining nut powder automatic grinding can make full use of its nutritional value, and at the same time, clean easily.

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