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Information about Charcoal Briquetting Machinery

Some Information about Charcoal Briquetting Machinery


Charcoal briquetting machinery uses saw dust, crop straws, rice husk, grass, bamboo dust and bagasse, etc. as raw materials and press them into briquettes at high temperature and high pressure by briquetting machine.

The finished products have large density and small volume. It can replace fuel wood and coal. Generally speaking, the outside diameter of finished briquettes is between 50mm and 60mm. The diameter of the hole in the center is between 15mm and 20mm.

The charcoal briquettes are quadrangle shape or hexagonal shape and they can also be pressed into ball shape, pellet shape or honeycomb briquette shape. It is especially suitable for heating in north areas in autumn and winter as the life fuel.

Charcoal machinery adopts wood dust, saw dust, rice husk, peanut shell, corncob, bamboo dust, wood shavings and straws as raw material. It doesn’t need any chemical additives and it is the essential equipment to make solid briquette fuel at high temperature and high pressure.

The demand for charcoal is rising nowadays and charcoal is widely used in more and more fields. For example, charcoal can be used for barbecue because it is smokeless and tasteless. Charcoal can be used as warm fuel in the winter. Moreover, charcoal can be also used in steel plant to slowly coo down the temperature. Above all, charcoal is popular among many fields. Therefore, charcoal briquetting machinery is also well known in home and abroad. The machine-made charcoal made by briquetting machine has been replacing the charcoal made by traditional earth kiln, which greatly reduces the production cost and improves the economic profits.


Charcoal machinery is short for several equipment: crushing machine, drying machine, briquetting machine and carbonization furnace.

The moisture of raw materials for briquetting machine should be less than 12%.

The production plant for charcoal machinery should be more than 50 square meters and the height should be more than 4 meters.


The production procedures for charcoal briquetting machine are as follows:

1.      First we should see if the raw material is the pellets less than 1cm. If they are not, we should use crushing machine to shred them into small pellets.

2.      Then we should measure the moisture content of the raw material to see if it is more than 12%. If the materials are too wet, we should use drying machine to dry the raw materials.

3.      After this, we should use briquetting machine to press the dried raw materials into semi-finished charcoal briquettes under high temperature and high pressure condition. If the charcoal briquettes are used to burn, then this kind of semi-finished briquettes are the final products.

4.      Finally, we can place the semi-finished charcoal briquettes into the carbonization furnace. After carbonized, we will get final finished charcoal briquettes.

carbonization furnace


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