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In the oil press field SINO-SHON can say is the comprehensive implementation of the lei feng spirit pacesetter, it started service system, fully to the large number of oil press users friends offer help, creating convenience, let the user friend can do not have trouble back at home in the oil business.
We in the years of development has been in service is the needs of the market strictly self-disciplined, will service connotation perfect interpretation precision.

The services and products on the equally important position, SINO-SHON hope that through this brand service, for the enterprise to set up a good brand image, enhance brand awareness, expand the brand influence.
Through the brand service, allow more users to increase enterprise's trust degree, allow more users to select the product of the enterprise. Let the users friends enjoyed more professional, more timely, more careful brand service.
Five service projects are to provide users with more high-quality perfect service guarantee. SINO-SHON all products are in strict accordance with the national quality management system standard production.
From quality production process to the treasury will carry on the strict quality control, comprehensive to ensure that the product quality the first.
For every purchase of Beijing universal create product users all can enjoy is guaranteed for one year, life-long maintenance service. SINO-SHON make a line service commitment, in the whole nation formed a high efficient service network.
SINO-SHON available to users free training operation management personnel let the user free use SINO-SHON brand, to provide users with unified store design.

Users need not go to company only need to a phone call SINO-SHON will use a variety of logistics mode will users need to accessories with the fastest speed.
With SINO-SHON cooperation process, the user can free special tools, spare parts, clothing, etc. a group of and production of relevant products.
The development of agriculture can't be separated from advanced, safe mechanical equipment support.
For the rapid development of agriculture, the state department of agriculture according to corresponding audit standards, some the superior performance of mechanical equipment in the nationwide promoting, let it better for agricultural development to contribute.
In order to support the development of edible oil processing industry, the ministries of agriculture experts to the general processors recommend SINO-SHON oil press, let processors can experience the SINO-SHON oil press efficient yield efficiency and security.
In numerous oil press, why the ministry of agriculture experts but highly recommend SINO-SHON oil press? We contact to the ministry of agriculture experts and they will tell you the reason.

The ministry of agriculture expert introduction: through our SINO-SHON oil press the comprehensive appraisal and found it in the electrical system isolation and leakage protection device of aspect to have carried out elaborate design, has higher security.
We in order to determine the reliability of the SINO-SHON oil press, the SINO-SHON oil press process on complete site supervision, equipment in continuous operation after four hundred and twelve hours without any fault, and exceeded the national three hundred hours qualified standard requirements, which demonstrated the SINO-SHON oil press reliability.
Next, agricultural experts provide a detailed introduction on the applicability of the SINO-SHON oil press.
After inspection SINO-SHON oil press in noise, productivity, power consumption, yield efficiency and dry bread residual oil rate are all up to the national standard, we awarded SINO-SHON oil press trial resistance test appraisal certificate.

We also on the SINO-SHON oil press four models sample and the all inspection qualified. We are after finally discussed that we all must be the SINO-SHON oil press in the machine design, press performance, oil filter technology superiority.
In the end, through a number of appraisals, the SINO-SHON oil press won the ministry of agriculture issued agricultural machinery promotion testimonial.
Through the expert introduction, believe people on the SINO-SHON oil press various performance have detailed understanding.
In addition, according to the knowledge we know, SINO-SHON oil press in the maintenance insurance raises a gender, after-sales service and so on also obtain SINO-SHON user communities' consistent affirmation.
Through a series of inspection and the user's affirmation, we can see SINO-SHON oil press is really worthy of promotion outstanding oil press.

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